Boko Haram in Talks With FG – VOA

Boko Haram According to American news agency, Voice of America, VOA, a purported spokesman for the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram says the group is engaged in direct talks with the government on ending violence in the north.

In a statement obtained by VOA, Habu Mohammed, who claims to be a deputy to Boko Haram leader Sheikh Abubakar Shekau, says the militant group decided to initiate the peace moves in response to numerous public appeals for peace in the country. The statement was given to VOA in Mecca.

The Nigerian government has not responded to the claim, but senior Nigerian officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the talks to VOA. They would not provide additional details.

The Islamic militant group has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks in Nigeria, including church bombings and the bombing of a United Nations building. The group has threatened international media organizations, including VOA’s Hausa service.

The militant group has said it is fighting to create an Islamic state in northern Nigeria and says it does not recognize the Nigerian government or the constitution.

Several previous attempts by the Nigerian government to engage Boko Haram have failed.

  1. anderson Reply

    but where are we going na wat is there problem for God sake could dis be sign of end time?

  2. mimi4naija Reply

    Wa ya gaya musu Borno gabas take?

  3. oreka pedico Reply

    this is sign of end time. this is to say any moment from the trumpet shall sound. boka haram are part of the anti christ that will invade the world when the end shall come. if u are a muslim repent now and accept jesus christ as ur lord and saviour and if u a christian and u are not serving God in truth, my brothers and sisters, hell fire is real. if the trumpet sounds any moment from now, the door will be close. the anti christ will come out fully and start tormenting people. repent both muslems and christians to avoid eternal suffering and turture.

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