Sheikh Gumi: Prophet Mohammed, Muslims Have No Enemy Worse Than Boko Haram

By SaharaReporters, New York

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi Islamic cleric Sheik Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, whose series of daily Ramadan sermons is gradually drawing to a close, yesterday asserted that members of the Boko Haram sect are the most dangerous enemies of Prophet Mohammed and Muslims in general.

The cleric, who is based in Saudi Arabia, made the statement as he preached yesterday at the Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna. He enjoined fellow Islamic clerics to defy any fears and preach against the unjustifiable killings allegedly perpetrated by members of the sect.

One of the clerics at the mosque, who did not want to be named, told a correspondent of SaharaReporters that he was inspired by Mr. Gumi’s courageous message and would follow suit.

Our source credited Sheik Gumi with warning his audience that there were also criminals carrying out criminal acts in the name of Boko Haram and destroying the image of Muslims. In addition, he reportedly alleged that some elements were recruited by Western powers to fight Islam in Nigeria.

Mr. Gumi added that, if members of Boko Haram were truly behind the bombing and killing of innocent people, then they are enemies of Islam and Muslims in Nigeria. He said there were serious developmental challenges affecting Muslims that need to be addressed rather than carrying out arms and killing people.

Our source quoted Sheik Gumi as stating, “If it is true that it is Boko Haram, I repeat, anybody that carries a bomb and kills people is wrong. Our malams [teachers] should not be afraid to talk. The issue that anybody who talks about Boko Haram will be killed should be defied. [Some say] that if you talk about the consequences of Boko Haram, they will kill you and [so] the best is to keep mute. If you keep quiet, they have already killed you since you are silent. Show them the right way of practicing Islam, and [do not] allow a few people to be practicing contrary to the laid down rules as enshrined by Allah.”

Sheik Gumi added, “You who have hid are cheating our faith. You are not helping Islam but destroying our Ummah. We have been oppressed and [members of Boko Haram] have come with weapons and bombs attacking our society. Because of this, I state that Prophet Mohammed and his people have no enemies more dangerous than they. If they want true religion and better society they must drop weapons. This is not the time for carrying weapons.

“It is time for us to address our core challenges of development that threaten our existence. Imagine a Muslim woman who, in the course of having a baby, will open her nakedness before an infidel…and you are here talking about bombs. Food we cannot eat on our own, except rice brought from Thailand. Medicines we get from England.”

The cleric further spoke about the weapons used in the attacks. He asked, “How did a 12-year old boy know how explosive bombs are made or affording it? All the money before us here cannot buy explosive bombs. It is the enemies that are giving them weaponry and they…believe that it was sincerely donated in fighting Allah’s cause. Unknown to them, it is all aimed at destroying Islam.”

Condemning attacks on Christian churches, the cleric asked, “If you attack Church, where people are worshipping, what is the profit and for what purpose? Is it Allah or Prophet that sent you? Is there any Muslim that said you should attack a church? Talk of mosque, they are being used in destroying Islam and may Allah help them to know. Our strength is our unity and the practice of real Islam. And anybody who thinks he will be using force like this, Islam and Ummah have no greater enemy than him.”

The cleric suggested that there are different types of Boko Haram. “There are those using it to destroy Islam, criminals attacking banks in the name of Jihad. There are those using it to attack Muslims in mosques. After attacks you will just see somebody with turban and guns belonging to the West, denting the name of Islam. Because of this we should be careful. There is Boko Haram and some fake ones, pure criminals. The real Boko Haram can be changed with sermon. Our malams should stand up to tell them there is no justification for killings. Don’t be afraid. They are killing Muslims and the infidels we have agreement to live in peace with.”

  1. pioneer4change Reply

    sheik i admire your courage you av spoken frankly and the truth cannot be hidden. more grease to your elbows

  2. Andy chiemezie chukwuma Reply

    so u can stil get a man of integrity in islam live long as u relise d truth at last tel dem d truth God wil protect u if u pepl ve condemd it since it may ve now b a history

  3. Mohammed awal Reply

    Sheikh you are a true father and a true Islamic cleric because only a true cleric can defy those evil people and speak the truth at the risk of loosing his life, with this even the unbelievers will begin to see the light and turn to the truth. I salute your courage and wish more Muslims will emulate you and speak up against this evil

  4. hamed Reply

    well said mallam

  5. Bala usman Reply

    May Allah make malam strong and courageos to tell the muslim ummah about that nonsense called boko haram. yes, it is true that malam says they enemy islam. and insha allahu they will never go unpunished.

  6. vooodooo Reply

    To me is a good step and may God almighty protect you from this deadly animal called them self human being and I pray other learder from the nothern part of the country can do the same

  7. abdul Reply

    This is wat I have expected from our Clerics,I hope others will follow suit so these infidels would know we are ready to protect islams integrity

  8. Agboola Abdul Reply

    Salam!May Allah [S W T] increas ur knowledge in islam and everytin u̶̲̥̅̊
    does in life Amin. Malam I really appreciate ur clerification on islam bcz others lookin @ us as enemy with dem which is very very wrong,now i pray to Almighty Allah to makin orders of islamic scholasic say the truth like dis so that everyone we all know the truth of islam tanx. Masalam!

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