I Am Not Dead – Chimaroke Nnamani Debunks Death Rumour

Dr Chimaroke Nnamani

Dr Chimaroke Nnamani

There have been several reports today (August 17, 2012) about the death of former Enugu State Governor, Dr Chimaroke Nnamani.

The online news reports said he died in the United States after undergoing an open heart surgery. The former Governor was said to have travelled to the United States about two months ago for medical reasons.

However, a statement issued on his behalf by his former Special Adviser of Media and later information commissioner, Mr Igbonekwu Ogazimorah, states:

“Here is stating that there is no truth whatsoever in the claim by some people that former governor of Enugu State, Chimaroke Nnamani is dead or gripped with any terminal illness. Yes, Nnamani undertook a successful open heart surgery two months ago and has been recuperating. He personally spoke to me twice yesterday and at exactly 4.35 pm today, Friday, August 17. In high spirit, Chimaroke Nnamani requested me to tell his followers that he considers it a privilege to be among the very few who had the opportunity of reading their obituaries. Friends and well wishers are advised to ignore the rumour as Nnamani is alive and well, though currently staying out of Nigeria because of the surgery.”

  1. CHINEGWU Reply

    bt truly talk i lov dat man, he is a real political man if i shul say if a man killed his dog wat wil he do wen thief arive at d nit,let us 4giv dis man 4 God sake pls we igbos nid strong men who can fight 4 urs lik IKENBA OGUKWU wen yeroba or hausa rise against us pls NIGERIA pls ENUGU let 4giv him

    • monsignor Reply

      It’s quite unfortunate to see that some people through sentiment could prevent the truth from coming out. Nobody knows 4 sure what really happened at the adoration ground since indept investigation into d matter was not carried out. However, that was one of d worst crimes against humanity, even to d extent that an unborn child was involved. I don’t have 2b a victim 2 know that this is painful. Judgement on the last day is our consolation. Too bad…

  2. uchenna Reply

    Why shul he be dead i real want 2 cry out my eyes when i heard this story bt i thank God 4 chimaroke nnamani is not dead glory glory glory 2 God nnamani congratulation

  3. Baby Reply

    Tank God heis alive but no one is wishing him dead..he was d one dat always wish somebody to die..but i prayed he wil live long and face his punishment

  4. julietpreppy Reply

    May God see him through and away from his enemies

  5. Paddy Reply

    Good talk Johnpaul, ogbunnma na Ana na nma, for
    All those that suffered and died during his regime, may their soul hunt him everlastingly IJN….. remembering the adoration ground deaths..

  6. jummai Reply

    HnmMmmmmmm I pray chimaroke makes his way right with God, as for those he kill in enugu state especial adoration people , may their soul rest in peace. Dear lord forgive him because he knows no what he did and give grace to serve u in truth and spirit

  7. Adikam Reply

    Don’t judge any man.

  8. Anionu chigozie Reply

    For you who wish another man death,remember u ar equally a sinner and cn die any day.let us rather rejoice with nnamani and family 4 dis grace of God thru a successful surgery.LONG LIVE NNAMANI! LONG LIVE ENUGU STATE!! LONG LIVE IGBO LAND!!!

  9. Joy Reply

    Tank God dat u are stil alive. But try to be good 2 ur follow human being bc de word of God said dat u should luv ur labour as u luv urself.

  10. Onyinye Reply

    Umunwa anasi, pls those pple dat is wishing him death should stop it. Chimaroke nnamani will live and testify the goodness of lord in dis land of living. Many more years ahead. Thank God he is alive

  11. iyke Reply

    (How many of u out there are better than Chimaraoke in the sight of GOD?) “think of that sin u commits in secret”
    Stop condeming ur fellow human, Judgement is of the Lord.
    Almighty God is the giver & taker of life, we as humans are not worthy to play God’s role by wishing evil or death to our fellow human.
    God is still a merciful God, The condemned robber on the cross obtained the mercy of Christ & made Heaven at the last munite.

  12. Ichie Eze-Udo Reply

    Weather if is dead or not,I dont believe that the life of a person is better than the lives of those killed in Catholic Adoration Ministry

  13. Ichie Eze-Udo Reply

    Weather he is dead or not,I dont believe that the life of a person is better than the lives of those killed in Catholic Adoration Ministry

  14. Ikechukwu Reply

    God pls for give chimaroke & make him to understand his mistake

  15. Owelle osj Nwoye Reply

    The ethics and principles of life have nothing to do with our initiation,intelligent,proposal and thinking.It is very bad that mortal like us to propose for God…..The almighty God have the final say……..it high time we stop sentimental,foolish and biased focus on our fellow human…..I thnkd God for ur succesful surgery my dear……wishing you quick recovery

  16. ichie chukwbuike of nkan'uzu Reply

    chi boy noting do u.our GOD will set u free from the hands of ur enemies.i love u

  17. Elom Tobias Elom Reply

    My prayer relies on d validity of dz information. Pls, if it is a rumour,d media had to b questioned. Why must it come 4 public usage?

  18. favour Reply

    Ebeano,u we live long.

  19. Idokotobechukwu Reply

    Do not ear what others are saying just continue with God.

  20. Anonymous Reply

    The evil that men do…

  21. Anonymous Reply

    During ur tenure,u heartless stepped on so many toes,so why shldnt they wish u dead?

  22. Anonymous Reply

    You must survive it in jesus name.

  23. Anonymous Reply

    God is alife my bros

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