Black Woman Rants Against Whites On London Bus (VIDEO)

Racist black woman This is the moment a commuter directs an expletive-ridden rant towards white passengers on a packed London bus.

The shocking two-and-a-half minute video shows a middle-aged black woman telling passengers on the bus how she ‘hates white people’ who ‘all want to be f****** black’.


The police were today investigating the video of the racist abuse after it was uploaded on to YouTube.
She begins the tirade of abuse by shouting: ‘I’m so glad. I’m born black and I’ll die black. I was born African and I’ll f****** die African.’

The foul-mouthed woman then goes on to tell the passengers: ‘The only reason I was born in this country is because you f****** people brought my people here.’

‘My parents are f****** African, born in Jamaica. And I’m f****** African, born in England and I can’t stand you white people, I tell you.’

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