Oritsejafor Blasts Boko Haram, Minister


Ayo Oritsejafor

AKURE — Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, yesterday, attacked the Islamic fundamentalists, Boko Haram, and the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mohammed Nurudeen, for saying Nigeria is the most Christian-populated Islamic nation in the world.

While describing the sect as a bunch of cowardswho have sympathy among top security personnel for their unGodly activities, he slammed the minister, saying the statement was worrisome and that it was wrong for him to have called Nigeria an Islamic nation.

No basis for dialogue

Oritsejafor explained that there had never been a census where the figure of Muslims and Christians were stated in the country.

He declared that there was no basis for government to dialogue with the faceless group which had been terrorising the nation in a desperate bid to make it an Islamic nation.

Pastor Oritsejafor spoke with newsmen in Akure after an Extra-ordinary Council Meeting of the National Executive Council of CAN.

He said: ”The Boko Haram people are a bunch of cowards, who go to churches to shoot people that are not armed. If they think they are strong, they should go to places where the people they are going to attack are also armed.

“They should go and face people that are armed, not unarmed people. They are a bunch of cowards, who kill innocent people that are not armed.”

The CAN President, who read political undertone to the insecurity in the country, argued that top security chiefs are religious fanatics, who aided and abetted youths to kill innocent people under the guise of religion.

Upbraids security chiefs

He alleged that some security chiefs leaked security information to the Islamic sect hence the difficulty in tracking and curtailing its activities.

“I do not understand what they would be talking about. What are they going to discuss? It is puzzling. I see a total religious fundamentalism in the whole episode. If there should be a dialogue, there should be a basis.

“If you are talking of dialogue and the same sect of people are killing innocent souls, so what is the basis? To me, there is no basis for dialogue.

The security chiefs, according to him, ”are more loyal to their Islamic religion than the corporate existence of Nigeria.”

Asks minister to apologise

On the proposed dialogue with the sect, Pastor Oritsejafor declared that while he is not opposed to dialogue to solve issues, he argued that dialogue with the religious fanatics was out of it as they had not pretended about their agenda to Islamise the country.

The clergyman expressed disappointment over the minister’s statement, saying he should explain to Nigerians the source of his information or be sanctioned.

Oritsejafor, however, suggested a military solution to the activities of the Boko Haram sect, stressing the need for all the security agencies to exchange information on security threats.

He regretted that the nation’s security agencies rather than see themselves as complementing each other, see themselves as competitors.

  1. Gbenga Reply

    Shame on u. Ur talking like the boko haram not as a religious leader.It seems ur a cultist.If dialogue would end dis problem lets try it and ur busy instigating violence. Let d real CAN members do something about dis thief or should i say BH Ambasador atlarge to order.Pls park ur rotten mouth and leave our Akure and our south west we dont need u.

    • slide Reply

      Gbenga, u r a complete n total coward dat does nt knw his right n place in life. Hw will sme useless set pple call Nigeria an islamic country populated with christians n a Clergy criticisied d statement n u dere sayin trash. U r so aimless n unfocused fool. Wake up, knw ur right so dat u can take ur place in life, else smebdy will call ur father a swine one day n ask u 2 bear it as a surname n u will foolishly n stupidly do in d name of fear. COWARD!

    • mimi4naija Reply

      Gbenga I am a hausa not a northerner but hausa to the core yet for the grace and mercies of God a christian. U know what u are insane u better also stay in Akure and keep vomitting rubbish without knowing what is happening in Nigeria. MUMUMUMU

    • Amannycode Reply

      Gbenga you have exhibited the highest level of foolishness via your comments, you have no right to call him names,he only expressed his anger and frustration concerning the issue.

  2. ambassador ... Reply

    as 4 us we are wit u now n always as far as u doing it or fightin 4 d soul of beliva …kip it baba.

  3. fabulous Reply

    gbenga,its a shame dat ure bearing yoruba name…bt my advise g u s a ask ur mother 2 tell u wu ur father his.cos a reasonabu person wuld never open his filty mouth nd abuse a man of God reach 2 be ur dad…..am a muslim bt s i against d motion of shedin blood….4 d remain few wk 2 settle ds matter,ur family wil nvolve as bh victim”amen”oloriburuku.

  4. Dongs Reply

    Gbenga if all both d nig xtia n muslim ar 2 coment on ur coment u wil nt get fair hearing.u ar comfortable in ur s/w u dont knw wat dis BH Animal ar doin here in my north.esp whn pple like d minista ar dia sponsors

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