REVEALED: How Jonathan Pays Niger Delta Warlords Million Dollar Sums

Dokubo-Asari America’s Wall Street Journal today revealed the mind-boggling million dollar sums that the Nigerian government has been paying Niger Delta warlords to keep them off the oil pipelines in the past 12 months.

Mr. Dokubo Asari, the former warlord that first shot to national limelight collects $9million every year to keep his estimated 4000 soldiers at bay. ‘General’ Ateke Toms and ‘General‘ Ebikabowei Boyloaf Victor Ben collect $3.5million apiece while General Government Tompolo Ekpumopolo is the most priced of all: he gets $22.5 million yearly.

The newspaper said the figures were gotten from senior officials of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, which makes the payment direct to these warlords.

While Dokubo shrugged off the huge payment he receives, about N1.44 billion, as nothing unusual, there is the belief that the selective payments have bred some jealousy among other militants, not so rewarded, who in reaction continue to pillage Nigeria’s crude oil pipelines. Nigeria loses no less than 10 per cent of its crude production to oil thieves on prowl in the Niger Delta, despite the programme of pacification called the Amnesty Programme.

By Shell’s account, no less than 150,000 barrels of Nigeria’s production are stolen daily, a very low estimate in the eyes of many Niger Delta watchers.

The Wall Street Journal said in its report that government plans to spend $450 million on the amnesty programme this year alone, despite the increasing theft of crude in the region.

Said the respected journal: The gilded pacification campaign is offered up by the government as a success story. But others say the program, including a 2009 amnesty, has sent young men in Nigeria’s turbulent delta a different message: that militancy promises more rewards than risks.

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  1. chichi Reply

    GEJ ur d most corrupt and wicked President Nigeria ever has.Shame to ur supporters.If we dig well we will c ur hand is involve in dis boko haram issue.

  2. haruna-aig.ellams Reply

    There is nothing unusal there only that your source of information is unreliable. All the government need to do is know the strenght of their armies,go into an agreement with them no to increase the army and that if & when the leader dies,the army will be disbanded. Althernatively, the money should be armotise. About 20% should be set aside to build/float a company that can employ them and they will in turn employ others. All the armies should be merged. I wish the Boko Haram people can be identified and given such benefit. There must be a time limit though. No price is too high to be paid for security & peace. I mean count the number of professionals that have been killed or that have fled the country. Think of the international experts that have refused to come to nigeria in the past few years. Let the militant be paid, let the terrorist be paid,let us have peace, let us have security.

  3. Gracious Reply

    Chichi I’m sure u re a Christian, is there any place it was written in d Bible dat u shud
    Insult or cause ur leaders? If u don’t ve anytin reasonable to say jst beta keep mute
    instead hiping cause on ur own head by causing ur leader dat God has given d responsibility to lead u.

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