Statement By Boko Haram: Spokesperson Debunks Reports Of Dialogue With Nigerian Govt

By SaharaReporters, New York

Boko Haram Glory be to Almighty God, and blessings to Prophet Mohammed (SWT). This is a very important message from Jama’atu Ahlissunnah Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad. Based on the information some cross section of the media have been disseminating that we are dialoguing with, the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is against this back drop that we want to present advise and warning to three sides on this matter.

The media like it is known drag themselves into our war like we did to THISDAY because they have been entering our matter without being just and fair to us. Recently we released a Video and in it our leader, Imam explained thoroughly on the issue of dialogue, but some section of the media because of their conspiracy refused to air it accordingly rather they twisted it.

Instead of giving prominence and stand by the video, they now brought this false story that we are meeting with Nigerian government in Saudi Arabia, with one fake person called Abu-Muhammad claiming to be Imam Shekau’s assistant. It is all an agenda to confuse and change the perception people in this region have about this holy war of Jihad we are fighting. By the grace of Allah they will not succeed on us, to us there is no difference between those fighting us with arms and those with pen/tongue.

To those using our name as our representatives, they are using our name and getting money from government. We heard that they are collecting huge amount of money using dubious means. We are calling on them to fear God and repent before they fall into the hands of Allah’s soldiers.

They should stop cheating Islam; we have never attempted any dialogue except that of Dr. Ibrahim Datti even that it was not direct, but via one journalist Ahmad Salkida who we trusted. And since that failed we have not done anything sort of that. We have also heard that Dr. Ibrahim Datti has also entered another plot to that effect; we are calling on elderly people to hold their respect and not dent their image.

To Nigerian government, we are calling on the government to know that once it is not Sharia law that will be adopted in Nigeria, and Quran as book of laws in Nigeria, setting aside constitution that is mainly infidel’s product. Then the government should not dream about peace in Nigeria. There is no single day that Mujahideens will stop fighting in Nigeria until that is achieved and we are hopeful to triumph over Nigerian government.

This release was translated from Hausa.

  1. Ovuoma Reply

    This is not the way to achieve peace. Definitely, peace doesn’t come by imposing your religious beliefs on others. Let us accommodate other for peace to reign.

  2. albert Reply

    this is highly unacceptable,how can they insist that Nigeria should be govern by sharia law,why not bible law,this country belong to all of are free to practise what you believe in but not imposing your believe on others that is highly redeculous.i hope the Gov. Are mapping out strategy to end this maliceous attitude by this set of people. I believe that the total solution is to divide this country.but according to some findings i did, at long run that will not favor us as country there will be civil war and ethicnic violence.because some region will like to dominate other region.and there is more to that.

  3. mimi4naija Reply

    foolish illiterates

  4. Amannycode Reply

    Islam is not the only religion practiced in Nigeria,this condition is erroneous and unacceptable, not even the slightest bit of it,if you do not have peace in your lives,that is your cup of tea,absolute balderdash.If you love peace you will understand that we have islams worshipers residing all over the country and that your killing in the name of islam does not make life any easier for your other islam fellows who are helpless. Better think twice

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