Nigeria’s Minister of Power, Barth Nnaji Resigns

Minister for Power, Barth Nnaji UPDATE: There are reports that Barth Nnaji had an interest in a company involved in the bidding process for two state assets up for sale of power sector.

A spokesman for Nnaji confirmed the minister had a stake in such a company, but said there was no conflict of interest because regulators had been informed.

The spokesman declined to say why Nnaji resigned, and no reason was given in the announcement of the resignation by the presidency.

“He didn’t like the totally wrongful accusations he had a conflict of interest in this process. These were planted by vested interests,” spokesman told Reuters.

“He would rather go about his private business.”

It is highly unusual for Nigerian politicians to resign over conflicts of interest in a country that still ranks low on the Transparency International corruption perceptions index.

Nigeria plans to sell off 11 distribution and six generation companies as part of plans to privatize PHCN.

Preferred bidders for the 17 successor companies are due to be announced on October 23, the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) has said.

Earlier Report…

Report reaching us says Nigeria‘s Power Minister, Barth Nnaji has resigned.

The reason for his resignation was not known but it may have been due to intrigues that have overshadowed the Federal Government’s bid to privatise the Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

Discussions between government and representatives of PHCN workers in Abuja were deadlocked again on Tuesday.

A statement by Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati said President Jonathan thanked Prof. Nnaji “for his services to the nation under the present administration and wishes him well in his future endeavours.”

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  1. Akjimoh Reply

    What a strong and brave man he is. If all our leaders are so committed and do shy of their shortcomings, this country would av been better. A Professor will always be Prof

    • Feliano Amos Reply

      It unusual of Nigerian politician to resign for a proof of transparency. But lam not suprise bcos this a surety that though beautiful ones are not yet born in Nigeria but near-to-beautiful ones are already in existence who will give birth to beautiful ones ,who will of course give nigeria a future.For as many as that are looking forward to a better nigeria, there is hope. Prof. Nnaji you are a true patriot. I am proud of you.

  2. Dozie Reply

    I salute the courage and patriotism of Prof. Barth Nnaji. He has really shown that he was not groomed in this environment where it will be easier to squeeze water out of stone than anybody holding political office to resign. He has set a new record in our political firmament worthy of emulation. He is a true son of Enugu state and we are proud of his record, achievement and Patriotism. Ride on brother your future is bright.

  3. Jonah Reply

    Prof Barth was simply running away from the looming danger coming his way. Dont forget he has been fingered for several illegal deals in the current privitization of the power sector. Even his company GPL involves in too many corrupt and sharp practices so dont vouch for him anymore.

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