Why Provoke Igbos? – By Uzoma Ahamefule

Why Provoke Igbos? - By Uzoma Ahamefule It beats my imagination on how peaceful MASSOB members are constantly harassed and arrested in Nigeria but some terrorists groups are pampered and begged by the federal government for negotiations. Is the federal government aware that if MASSOB should take up arms that it will be bloodier and more dangerous than Boko Haram’s threat?

I am not a member of MASSOB but I am first an Igbo man before Nigeria and must also speak the truth that it is the civil right of MASSOB members to make their demands within the ambits of the law. Why brutalize them every time when their protests have all been peaceful?

Why is everything about the Igbos in this country always taken differently? Where are Igbo leaders? The governors of Igbo states are failures to have always been at the forefront in the killings of MASSOB members. You don’t hear about this kind of brutalizations and arrests of OPC members in Yoruba states or Boko Harams in northern states.

The news that a group of soldiers from the 302 Artillery Regiment, numbering about 25, swooped on Mr Uchenna Madu, one of the MASSOB regional administrators in Onitsha, in his hospital bed where he was receiving treatment and dealt with him without any justifiable reason is unacceptable.

These provocations and harassments of Igbos and MOSSOB members at all levels must be put to an end now. Mr President must send a strong warning signal against this to his forces because this naked dance is becoming too acrobatically romantic and tempting especially for Viagra blood.

– Uzoma Ahamefule, Global Reporters Vienna

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