Levi Ajuonuma’s Son Opens Petition To STOP Dana Airline From Reopening

Obinna Ajuonuma

Obinna Ajuonuma

Levi Ajuonuma’s son, Obinna has asked Nigerians to help him and others who lost their loved ones just 3 months ago in Dana Air crash, to sign a petition to STOP Dana Airline from reopening.

To be honest a lot of us are shocked about this. Just 3months? Fear God now. Click below to see his statement.

This is a very important message! I need your help my friends.

I need you to join me and others in signing the petition that will STOP DANA AIR FROM OPERATING AGAIN IN NIGERIA or anywhere in the world!

Dana Air crashed on the 3rd of June, killing 153 people, including Dr. Levi Ajuonuma(my father). This airline was well aware that the aircraft was faulty but still took flight that fateful day! Now, 3 months after the suspension of their license, the Federal Government has decided to lift the suspension! The wounded hearts are still bleeding and not being taken into consideration here!

Please join forces with me and the families of the faithfully departed, and sign the petition. The link is below.

Thank you for standing with us against a system that really does not care about YOU!

You can sign the petition HERE

  1. ify Reply

    There are supposed to be banned for ever……after deliberately killing 153 people by their lack of value for life am shocked at government.

  2. david adebayo alabi Reply

    Obinna, I agree with you that if our Government has value for the lives of her citizens, DANA AIR SHOULD NEVER FLY AGAIN IN NIGERIA. Let all who fear God and are not slaves of money rise up to condemn this decision to lift the ban on DANA OPERATIONS IN NIGERIA.

  3. king Henry Reply

    This is nonsense Nigerian government is so useless who did they bribe ? I hate whosoever gave them that license back

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