Senegal’s Ndour to sing for floods victims

Youssou Ndour. By Mamadou Toure Behan (AFP/File)

Youssou Ndour. By Mamadou Toure Behan (AFP/File)

(AFP) – Youssou Ndour, a world music icon and Senegal’s culture minister, will star Saturday in a charity concert for flood victims in Dakar, organisers said.

“I consulted the culture minister, Youssou Ndour… and we decided to organise something to assist those affected” by the floods, ministry official Omar Pene told AFP.

Ndour, who decided to run for president this year only to be disqualified by the top court before the March poll, will perform alongside Ismael Lo, Thione Seck and Omar Pene, who is also a singer.

“It’s the first time the four of them hold a concert together. It’s a joint project, they are not simply going to sing one after the other,” said Charles Faye, one of Ndour’s close friends.

Organisers are hoping to raise around $300,000 for the victims of floods that have killed at least 13 people in two weeks and left thousands homeless.

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