Sexy Lord of Abortion III -Consent or No Consent? – How Drah slept with his clients

… Many Girls are victims of Drah’s abortion sex activities

‘Abortion Lord’ 'Dr Drah'

Abortion Lord’ ‘Dr Drah’

‘Dr.’ Joshua Drah, the medical assistant who had been illegally operating an illegal abortion clinic – Universal Mission Clinic – conducting 1000s of abortions while sleeping with some of his clients gave reasons for his actions.

That has brought into perspective the question of whether or not, his actions amounted to consensual sex with the consent of the clients or otherwise.

According to the raw footage that our hidden cameras captured from his abortion room, the man was seen almost always seated while several girls and young women came in one after the other to be operated upon.

He would however not start his diabolical act with any lady,he usually started by inserting his gloved hands into the female birth path repeatedly, then he began to give several excuses why he had to proceed with his diabolical practice.

Some of the reasons that Drah used in luring his unsuspecting clients to sleeping with him included; it would serve as an anesthesia for the pain that was likely to be experienced during the abortion and also to push off membranes that were obstructing ‘safe abortions,’ that could in the long run affect the womb.

Meanwhile, a legal practitioner who spoke to the New Crusading GUIDE on the issue of consent argued that; the type of consent that Drah attained could at best be described as induced and laced with false pretence.

He further stated that, consent in law was supposed to be voluntary and without duress from a free thinking adult; “but in a condition where a person is under treatment and the person supposed to be a doctor uses sex as a locus for treatment, that certainly cannot be legal consent.”

“For all intends and purposes, the person walked in for a medical treatment without sex in mind, in the middle of the treatment sex is used as a treatment? Such ‘consent’ is clearly under the mistaken belief of medical treatment,”
he added.

According to him, legal authorities have spoken on this issue extensively and called on fellow lawyers to help delve deeper into the issue and to educate the citizenry on it.

The New Crusading GUIDE would follow the trial of Drah and would keep readers updated. Stay tuned.

Following is a transcription of two separate encounters during which he managed to convince two young ladies to allow him to have his way with them in the middle of an operation.

Doctor: It’s been a long time since you did the ‘thing’
Patient: What did you say?
Doctor: You did the ‘thing’ a long time ago.
Patient: You said I did what?
Doctor: You haven’t had sex in a long while.
Patient: Yeah!
Doctor: Eii! Your ‘thing’ is cute. If you won’t mind let’s have sex to open you up.
Patient: You said?
Doctor: I said if you won’t mind let’s have sex so that it will open you up.
Doctor: Or you don’t like that. Let me check and see. I’m doing this but the thing is rather closing up, why? Mm!
Patient: I don’t know.
Doctor: I’m inserting my fingers in there but it is still closing up why?
Patient: I don’t know.
Doctor: I have to do the ‘thing’ to open it up and you are saying no. I’ll just have to put it in there one, two, three that’s it, and then it will open up.
Patient: Ok!
Doctor: should I put it inside? Are you sure? Then come forward so I will put it inside. When I put it in there ‘one, two, three’ then that is it, it will be ok.

In the second of many such recordings, Drah seeks the consent of another female, this time he uses medical terminologies (i.e. a membrane covering)as basis for having to have sex with her in order to guarantee a successful process.

Doctor: Did you take the medicine?
Patient: Yes
Doctor: When?
Patient: That very morning I told you I was feeling dizzy
Doctor: I am inserting my hand but it is not working
Patient: Hm!
Doctor: There is a membrane covering your this thing …
Patient: Hm …
Doctor: I can only remove it by having sex with you to push it aside, should I; if I don’t, I can’t do the operation for you
Patient: ok.

He used the same modus operandi in luring the unsuspecting clients.


According to the World Health organization (WHO) Population Reference Bureau document title ‘Abortion – Facts and Figures’ which was published in 2011, it was estimated that; “almost all unsafe abortions take place in developing countries, and this is where 98 percent of abortion-related deaths occur.”

Again, of an estimated 42 million induced abortions each year, nearly 20 million are performed in unsafe conditions and/or by unskilled providers and result in the deaths of an estimated 47,000 girls and women – representing 13 percent of all pregnancy related deaths.

The document further states that worldwide, 210 million women become pregnant each year and that about two-thirds of them, or approximately 130 million, deliver live infants.

The remaining one-third of pregnancies ends in miscarriage, stillbirth, or induced abortion.

Some scary statistics on the pregnancy related deaths are as follows;

1. Worldwide, one in five pregnancies (20 percent) ends in abortion, and one in 10 pregnancies ends in unsafe abortion. (See Appendix II on how unsafe abortions are counted.)

2. An estimated 42 million abortions are performed each year; 20 million of them are outside the legal system and considered unsafe because they are performed by people who lack the necessary skills or in places that do not meet minimal medical standards, or both.

3. An estimated 358,000 girls and women die from pregnancy-related causes each year, almost all of them in the developing world. About 47,000 of these deaths are due to unsafe abortion.

4. Globally, abortion-related deaths account for 13 percent of all pregnancy-related deaths, but the percentage can be much higher at country levels. A 2000 study estimated that unsafe abortions were responsible for nearly one-third of maternal deaths in West Africa, and WHO reports that in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa unsafe abortions are responsible for as much as 50 percent of maternal deaths.

5. Women in developed and developing regions of the world turn to abortion at similar rates; annually, 29 abortions are performed per 1,000 women in developing countries, compared with 26 per 1,000 women in developed countries.

6. In developing countries, two in five unsafe abortions occur among women under age 25, and about one in seven women who have unsafe abortions is under 20.

7. In Africa, about one-quarter of the unsafe abortions are among teenagers (ages 15 to 19), a higher proportion than in any other world region.

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