True Life Story: A Nigerian Shares Horrible Experience Abroad, Says Only 10 Percent Do Well

Photo by: pincasso

Photo by: pincasso

My name is Tommy Ijenya. I traveled out of Nigeria my country for about three years, to look for green pastures, but I was able to experience some things that can proffer solution to many that also took that same step or trying to take the same wrong step. I traveled to eight countries in Africa as an illegal migrant and finally in (la-Palma) Spain. when I faced deportation back to Nigeria I was sad, wanting to go back. But I sat down think all over the way I suffered from one country to another with no food, no water, no money; some times I have to trek to the neighboring city of about 280 kilometers for days in other to find a responsible helper but to no avail. The longest trek I made alone was 368 kilometers from the Republic of Senegal to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. I thought I was going mad that no body can ever think of doing this kind of a thing, until I got to a village in search for rest for some days before I continue my journey. There I saw three Nigerians taking same risk like me. I was astonished.

When I came back I wanted to shout out to the country to tell the people and the government what they are doing to make many of their children to hate their own country, but my spirit said is not all about complaining but looking for a solution to stop this predicament.

Recently, I was sitting with some of my old friends discussing about our country Nigeria. I told them although I have traveled to many countries but I am very proud to be a Nigeria that is why I am back to stay. I was astonished at the reproach they gave me, only one of them subscribes to my opinion. The rest told me if they are opportune they will bomb this country due to the low standard of leaving of 70 percent Nigerians, and those in power cares all about themselves and not the masses.

This is just the situation that throws 40 percent Nigerians scattered abroad. Less than 10 percent only can be found doing well in diasporas, what about the rest? They are found stranded in “no mans land”. Recently enormous deportation of illegal immigrant was carried out in western Europe and some part of northern Africa 126 Nigerians were recorded to be affected in western Europe, 232 Nigerians were affected in northern Africa. 123 Nigerians where found stranded in the boarder of Niger republic and Libya known to be a desert village called Duruku. Some other 86 Nigerians where discovered stranded in the boarder end of Mali and Algeria in a village called gao, while some are still stranded in Spain.

In 2007, a Nigerian was murdered by Spanish police. He was tied down and they gave him serious beating to death for immigration offense which is not liable to death in the police custody. Nothing was done to prosecute the offenders, because there is no one to file up that case and summit to the appropriate office through thorough process. In may 2008, 100 Nigerians were deported from Republic of Senegal after being detained in the jail for up to four moths for a murder case not thoroughly investigated, Committed by a Guinean. They were not deported straight to Nigeria, but to a remote village between Senegal and Mali, where 5 of them starved to death. These are some of the issues this organization will be debating on when cases like such arises again because it is time to stop all these nonsense.

That is why I have been trying to package this organization for three years due to my experience, to bring back the dignity of my country to the face of many countries, so Nigerians can be proud of their country once again.

What I am packaging is VERY WILD and will be very INTERESTING. But I am weak due to my standard in finance, I explained to someone that I want to open an N.G.O; he told me that I must be a very wealthy man before I can do it. Is that supposed to be so? Many people have great ideas that can change this country, but because of this same statement made by my friend, they die with their ideas. That is why “the grave remains the richest place on earth.”

Kindly reach me on +2348024526421 or write to our e-mail: or meet me at: or (website still under construction). I do not only need your money, your idea in partnership agreement to push this dream as a member is very vital to me. You have money fine come, you do not have and you buy this dream you are welcome. Please join me today to make this dream work so you can be among the founders record.

Thank you
Tommy O. Ijenya

Lagos address: 8/9 wola makinde crecent off ait road, blue banana bus stop inside victory life bible church agbado lagos. Nigeria

Delta state address: P.O.W.A shopping complex police barrack before DSC round about, effurun warri delta state.

  1. damian diala Reply

    its a pity the way Nigerians are treated abroad. come to think of it do you blame those that oppress us. i put the whole blame on our selfish, greedy, corrupt and callous leaders. its high time we adopt the Libyan approach to rid our beloved country of bad leaders. may God bless Nigeria.

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