Eedris Abdulkareem Blasts Obasanjo In New Song, Mixed Reactions Follow

Eedris Abdulkareem and Obasanjo. Photo by: thenetng

Eedris Abdulkareem and Obasanjo. Photo by: thenetng

Popular Nigerian Hip-hop artist, Eedris Abdulkareem has again blasted former president Olusegun Obasanjo, both in a new single he just released and on twitter.

Meanwhile, the new song, apparently inspired by Obasanjo’s recent interview where he made reference to the Eedris’ song – ‘Nigeria jagajaga’ has attracted different reactions from Nigerians. Some are in support and some are not.

Below is part of the lyrics of the new single titled ‘Baba'(in Nigerian local language – pigin)

Baba na you born me, I no send you again because you no be good papa

Which kind papa dey oppress im pikin, which kind papa no like im pikin, which kind papa no wan make im pikin grow’

I tire o, i never see that kind papa, that one na bad papa I beg, from this moment baba I disown you, I no like you, I dey look for another papa one time,

He continued: 12 years ago when I sang jagajaga, say my papa be jagajaga, say my mama be jagajaga, which kind papa wey go curse im pikin, na wicked papa e, that baba has been vindicated, 12 years ago Nigeria jagajaga, today Nigeria pafuka, you be bad papa, you no be good papa…

Again, on twitter, Eedris Abdulkareem wrote:

I wish obj can work on the street without security ……

which kind work we for give am make him do on the street self

a teacher of public corruption and malpractice….

but guys do u think baba can walk on the street alone?

I believe BABA is stil eying presidency…….

Boko haram is political it has nothing to do with religious crisis gbao……

REACTIONS Of Nigerians On

Truthbetold said:
Is this how to revamp a dying career? Taking a swipe at the former President? Honestly, this guy has not really learn. This has shown again that Eedris has got very small brain that triggers his irrational behaviour all the time. At close to 40 I doubt if he will ever learn again. Somebody should also tell him to stop smoking whatever he smokes so that he can at least think straight and clearly. O basanjo never stopped anybody from giving you shows, ur too small an issue for him. You destroyed ur career by yourself due to your arrogance and irrational behaviour bro. You are not Fela and you can never be one. If you were still in the good books of the multinationals and were getting paid like dem A rated artiste will you still sound like an activist. Activism for you is a way out of the poverty you inflicted on yourself.

Olurantizaks El’jowjoe Tijani said: I dnt swear but dis I go swear, nah God go punish any stupid fool wey say IDRIS dey sing nonsense. Must every m usic be a party song? Abeg nah which kind youths be this present generation sef haba. That’s why why most of dem no fit even past post UME sef. God bless u IDRIS, luv your spontenaity.

Otunba Olatunde Sanusi said: U don’t need to abuse him anyway He is just been real so what the song might not be for money But he is saying reality and also I guess u urself don’t know anything im Nigerian based in UK but I want good thing for Nigeria So bro think before you talk though talk is cheap but you just wasted some of the speech.


lobzy said: eedris please go into a management, start a record label, open a club or a studio or something. The people that came to the industry with you back then, what are they doing now? They own things, leave the stage for new players, if no one calls you to perform in a paid show before this year runs out, just come back to this page and heed to my advice. Nigeria needs solutions not criticisms

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