Woman Gives Birth To Horse In Edo Church (PHOTO)

The horse delivered by the woman in an Edo State church on Tuesday. Photo: Osagie Otabor

The horse delivered by the woman in an Edo State church on Tuesday. Photo: Osagie Otabor

Worshippers of the World Liberation Ministry located along old Sapele-Benin express road on Tuesday took to their heels during a prophesy programme when a female member delivered a horse.

The horse was however dead by the time Journalists visited the church.

It was gathered that the woman whose identity was not yet known started screaming during the prayer session and began to bleed from the vagina before the horse came out.

The General Overseer of the church, Evangelist Silva Wealth, said he was still amazed at what came out of the woman.

He told Journalists that during prayers a revelation came that there was a woman with an issue and that something was blocking her womb.

Silva said as prayers intensified, the woman started screaming and bleeding started when the object came out.

The cleric said he couldn’t confirm whether the horse was dead or alive because he didn’t go near it.

“I can’t describe the object. We have seen people that vomited several things during our service but not this type of thing. God has been blessing our ministry with prophesies and miracles, “he said.

People rushed to the church to catch a glimpse of the horse when news of the delivery filtered into town.

Source: The Nation

  1. Andy chiemezie chukwuma Reply

    is dis a miracle or taboo is she pregnat before or it all started there

    • Oby Reply

      very valid questions you have asked here, Andy.

  2. Sduduzo Ka-Mbili Reply

    I love your commentry; it’s very provocative, clever, and inspring. We do indeed need to hold our governments responsible for their actions. Making our people live like animals when we come from such rich nations is unacceptable.

    Keep doing your thing SISTER, let’s hope they(leaders) are watching, and know that we are watching them too.

  3. Mully Reply

    Innalilahi wainaillahi rajiun!dis is indeed a taboo

  4. abdulazeez Reply

    innalillahi wa inna illaihir raji’un God is indeed merciful and he is always gracious may Allah save our soul this are all signs to show us that the end of the world has come may Allah save us and deliver us from the evil we know and knew not amen.

  5. pope Reply

    Its a lie, this is no news. People will say anything to get traffic to their site whoever published this knows its a lie. Blah blah blah

    • Anonymous Reply

      I’m glad there’s someone with common sense in the comments.

  6. Prudence Emmanuel Reply

    There’s a chance she might be practicing bestiality. Having sex with animals. Its common these days.
    Plz i said ” she might” not ” she did”.
    God have mercy on us all in this generation

  7. walata Reply

    i dont know why our african plp dont believe wat evacome from africa xpecially nigerians,is good to repent on time and le god almighty allah judge u right it might appen to u not believer too.

  8. vera patricks johnson Reply

    As for those who dont believe,it is posible,and God is still doing wonders 2day,dont let the fake pple cloud ur judgement,principalities are very much in the business of destroying innocent pple and putting many in different bondages, and GOD is still very much able to cause deliverances,CONGRATULATIONS WOMAN.

  9. Harmon Reply

    When I read people’s comment some times on issues they knew nothing about, I sober. The truth is that there is nothing devil cannot do. Some people have a swollen stomach as if they are pregnant but they are not. This is the work of the enemies and powers of darkness in high places. You wouldn’t believe except you have experience it. I congratulate the woman on her deliverance

    • mattsonsogohi@yahoo.com Reply

      my bro,i really support ur comments infact many are ignorance of the devices of d devil, n it ll affect dem.

  10. Oy Reply

    God is indeed powerful, he has put the devil to shame, its time for freedom, woman congrat, go and have ur children.

    • ken Reply

      And you gladly call that Gods work???you will burn in hell thats blasphemy do you honestly think God can participate in such rubbish taht just shows how much of a devil worshiper you are!!!if i had a way i would report you to police.

  11. Kelechi Ekezie Reply

    This shows the level of mediocrity in our people today. Which sane or rational person can believe this sort of crap? What has the medical world said about this? International media? Is the church now a maternity home? Was the woman in labour for just a few minutes before giving birth or what? Why did the congregation not rush here to a hospital, but allowed here give birth right there in church?

    I’m shocked that such childishly cooked up stories find credibility today – real shame it is…

  12. Jennifer ejiro Reply

    Why do Nigerians believe everything they hear? Yes the devil can do lots of evil things but why does the most ridicules things happen in Nigeria? Has anyone heard of people giving birth to animals in any developed countries? Why don’t journalist focus on more important issues. We go still buy una newspapers and magazines

  13. Dunkan Reply

    Okay let me get this, did she get it from a horse, cause apart from freaky stuff and all that, that could be it , yep she did ,she did !

  14. Kate Reply

    This cannot be a case of bestiality simply because humans have 23 chromosomes and horses have 64. Nothing can come from such a union. Absolutely nothing. As we see, something else was at work here.

  15. Anon Reply

    All you dumb fuck niggers do realize this is fake right? It’s physically IMPOSSIBLE for a women to be impregnated by and give birth to a horse.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Niggers really what world do you live in this must be racism at its finest!

  16. Trish Reply

    Wow, if this is true, there was some very powerful intercession taking place in the realm of the Holy Spirit

  17. Melissa Reply

    People are u seriously goin to tie This to God n religion she was freakin a horse

  18. Anonymous Reply

    Can’t beleive such thing happen where did they get these lies from god world is curop

  19. Anonymous Reply

    the end is indeed at hand since we now see that men and women are having sex with animal. that woman should be thoroughly questioned to know her ordeal with horse. so many people are into nonsense in the of sex.

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