Muslims Protest In Jos: We Would Rather Die Than Watch Prophet Mohammed Insulted

By SaharaReporters, New York

Muslims Protest In Jos A group of Muslims in the troubled tin city of Jos, Plateau State, yesterday evening held a demonstration over an America-produced film that purportedly blasphemed Prophet Muhammad.

The protesters, who defied security agents, said they would rather die than to watch their Prophet insulted, and will submit only to the laws of Allah which, to them, are supreme to any other law.

The mostly youth and children protesters, who numbered almost 100 were led by one Malam Mansur Sani Adamu in the demonstration, which took place on Bauchi Road. They carried placards condemning the United States, Israel, Denmark and Holland, accusing them of plotting against Islam and Muslims. Before they dispersed, they chanted, “Allahuakubar, Allahuakubar, they have touched our Prophet….”

Malam Adamu said, “We are doing this to express our anger against enemies of Allah and Islam led by America and her allies like Israel, Denmark and Holland because they are plotting against Islam. These days they have also produced another depicting film; this is what is troubling us.

This denigration of Prophet Muhammad is very sad and we are against it. With this it is better that it is death that consumed us for our Prophet to be denigrated. All Muslims in the world should come out and protest and those who cannot should pray.”

According to our source, security agencies urged the protesters to disperse since they had not secured permission, to which leader of the demonstration responded, “If our Prophet is blasphemed we will not wait for any law, Islam supersede any laws of the country.”

  1. gora F A Reply

    HAHAHAHA! He who wants to die shud die please, butshud not take anybody along cos not everyone wants to die… But firstly, they shud go abroad to the country that had blasphemed “their prophet…” ok!!!

  2. Sam chord Reply

    Nawawo 4 ignorance

  3. Sam chord Reply

    Hmm nawawo ! Ignorance

  4. Chakazulu Reply

    If des a god he shuld fite 4 himself!

  5. Nathan Reply

    This is very serious! To die 4 Mohammad now is case…. what an illitracy!!!

  6. Onyiz Reply

    Why not go to the u.s and get thosn rather than disturbin our peace over here, anyway i dont blame una

  7. habila peters Reply

    Itz so un4tunate 2die 4a prophet? High level of illiteracy…they should hv gone 2 USA were d said film is produced 2protest,pls. @least if he’s able he should fyt 4himself.

  8. kaysix Reply

    We have always known our muslim brothers to be defenders of their prophet(whether he needs it or not),what I don’t get is why Jos muslims of all the muslims in Nigeria are the ones ready to die for the prophet. Hmmmm! I smell a rat somewhere, someone is lookin for an excuse for violence, AS USUAL!

  9. tony Reply

    Jesus gay film was produced I didn’t hear of any protest anywhere in the world α̲̅πϑ there was no violence, it kept ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ wondering the difference in the religions α̲̅πϑ also the meaning of ‘religion of peace’.

  10. Eman Reply

    I am a muslim and i am ready to die for the prophet Muhammed peace be upon him

  11. Hasassan Omacho Aliyu Reply

    No 1 is fytin 4 profet muhamed{s.a.w}, der’ r duin it bcoz of politics, tink twice ma pals! Hasassan.

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