A MUST READ!! Christians in IMMORALITY, Women wear G-STRING, boys & girls having sex…. Oh Sorry

Photo by: madame noire

Photo by: madame noire

Have you found yourself in a poorly ventilated house in the peak of the hot season? Have experienced the discomfort in such enclosure when there is power cut from PHCN? Or have come close to a blast furnace? Then you can imagine how miserable life can be within a blazing environment.

The misery of hell fire is far much unbearable. The Bible says that hell’s blazing heat is from eternity to eternity. What preparation have you made so that you will not find yourself in hellfire? Have you carefully considered and decided where will fall in, if Jesus the King of glory comes now and takes his faithful servants?

The world is full of evil. People are killing, maiming and robbing others here and there. Kidnapping, abuse of authority, betrayal and desecrating the temple of God have become rampant. Am I talking to somebody?

In the days past, if robbers in operation notice that the owner of the house being robbed is awake, the thieves will scream and run. But these days, it is the house’s owner that scampers when robbers come calling. Then young and unmarried lovers do not have the boldness to walk openly on the street. If they are caught by their parents, guardians or elderly relations, the young people would run, dashing into the nearest hiding place.

But today, such virtue is non- existent. Boys and girls who are still under their parents boldly bring their lovers into the family living room and say, “Hi Daddy, Hi Mummy. Daddy and Mummy, this is Susan my girl friend and Susan, these are my Dad and Mum.”

That is immoral character and everything is wrong with such immoral relationship. Immorality is reigning in this age and time. In my growing up years back in the village, if someone’s daughter got pregnant while she is yet not married, the girl’s parent would be so ashamed that to walk around the village becomes an uphill task.

But in this generation, things have turned upside down. What is happening? Remember the Bible says, “When you see these signs, know you that the arrival of the son of man is at hand.” The devil has introduced some crazy modes of dressing into the world. I used to think that women in those days wear pants as an added covering for their nakedness.

Today, we hear ‘G-string’, or is it ‘Q-string’ pants? What an abomination, messing up the moral sanctity and destroying people of this generation. Children of God, open your eyes to understand what is happening. It is high time we went on our knees and ask God to have mercy on our generation.

The rapture can happen anytime. Where will you be? What kind of life have you been living? What preparations have you made to secure for yourself a place in heaven? Who are you, a true child of God or one of the crowds? Only you can answer these questions. Today, I come to sound a warning because the trumpet can sound the next minute. I have seen a man retire to the comfort of his tastefully furnished house only to die in his sleep. We should not be afraid to die because death is ordained; but we should rather beware not to spend eternity in hail fire.

Regrettably, people can do anything to make money these days. People kill and dupe to make money. It is common even to see children of God dupe brethren in church and take lives for selfish motives. No one cares to give assistance to the widow; rather, people intimidate them because no one speaks for her. Majority of those that do these evil, in our villages, are those who go by the name ‘Christian Fathers and Christian Mothers.’

Watch them, their finger nails are stuffed with deadly poison, ready to take an innocent life. They speak evil to create discomfort for others and their tongues wag with words that consume the entire body with fire.

Our young men who have made it in the city are terrified to travel back to the village; because if they do their business would be into disarray upon their return. When the bold ones do, they dare not spend stay longer few minutes to reunite with family members and relative because household wickedness would compel them to start life all over have also seen cases of pretty, and well endowed young ladies who have been barred from getting married owing to oppression of house-hold wickedness.

Others have their wombs tied through spiritual wickedness, just plunging them into painful life childlessness; but woe unto you that is filled with evil.

In times past, it used to be a thing of joy to go visiting relations in the villages. During such occasions, people gladly break and share kola nut which is seen in some part of Nigeria as a covenant of peace. Today, when people go on such visits, they avoid eating of the symbolic kola nut will carry bitter kola in their pockets. The ignorant may eat the nut, contact tuberculosis and die. What an evil generation.

The question is; when will all these things come to an end? If only we can come together as Christians, leave holy lives and join hands to pray for our generation, God in heaven will have mercy on our nation. He says, “If the people that are called by my name shall gather themselves together and forget their evil doing and call upon my name, I shall answer them and I will heal their land.

Remember that when the angels of the Lord were yet on their way to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and Gomorrah because of the wickedness of those cities, Abraham interceded. He pleaded with God to save the righteous in the cities; but not a single man was found righteous. This reminds me of a sorry situation some God’s people found themselves in, which I was opportune to witness while I was ministering in a church in Aba, Abia State.

The church is situated opposite a hotel many prostitutes swarm. Among the women of easy virtue was this notorious harlot. She would get drunk and fight naked, on an open street shamelessly. On that fateful day, the church was in session and I was ministering. Praise worship went to a crescendo and the notorious harlot entered the church.

She found a seat at the rear and she sang along as worshippers rendered high praise unto God. My eyes were opened to see God leave heaven and come into the church. God searched for the person through whom He would speak to the church. God moved to the pastor’s row, he could not find a man among the pastor to speak through. He was disappointed. God moved on to the prayer warriors to search for a human vehicle. Again, God could not find any worthy vessel.

Getting to the ushering department, he was disappointed also. God searched among the choir there was none found worthy. In the entire congregation there was not a single worthy human vessel for God to use as His oracle at that point in time. When there was not a single worthy person in the regular congregation to be used, God entered the prostitute and used her to speak to the church. After that God went back to heaven.

What does that signify? God simply showed them that even the prostitute better than the regular church crowds. I want to ask you a question: if Christ comes to this church now, will He find you worthy?

Rev. (Dr.) Chidi Anthony
Kings in Christ Church
From: Kenyapost

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    the fact remains the same becoz the society is currupt and teenges mind is so currupt with the current world..pry to b safe

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