Pastor Allegedly Impregnates 10 Church Members

Pastor allegedly impregnates church members Zambia – A Lusaka-based clergyman has been linked to the pregnancy of at least 10 women from his church.

But the man of ‘God’ identified as Bishop Emmanuel Chika of the Restoration Deliverance Church has dismissed the allegations, saying the children the women are expected to deliver are not his.

Bishop Chika feels that the allegations are a smear campaign propagated by his fellow church leaders who are keen to see his downfall because of their alleged selfish financial interests in the church.

The clergyman, who spoke with a notable Nigerian accent, described the allegations as a campaign spearheaded by some ‘blood-thirsty’ church leaders who are apparently jealousy of him.

Bishop Chika said this is not the first time that the leaders in question have poured scorn on him because of his “illustrious preaching” which has seen him amass both spiritual and material wealth.

The bishop told the Sunday Mail that he is ready for a DNA test to prove that he did not make the 10 women pregnant once the children are born but he admitted having a ‘running’ sexual relationship with a woman named Serah apart from his wife.

“This lady (Serah) is like my mother to me. Even when I was in hospital, she was on my bedside. My wife and family know about her but she is not a member of my church. I cannot lie to you that I have not sinned before but I don’t commit sins within the church,” Bishop Chika told the Sunday Mail.

He accused church sources of peddling lies against him because of his financial success, which has seen him build a mansion in Lusaka’s Garden House area on Mumbwa Road.

Bishop Chika also confessed having a child out of wedlock in Lusaka’s Chunga but was quick to state that he did so before he got married to his legally recognised wife.

He said a campaign to bring him down started five years ago but that it has failed because he is a man of God.

Bishop Chika has also admitted being in trouble with immigration over his nationality.

The stout clergyman told the Sunday Mail that contrary to allegations that he is Nigerian, he was born in Zambia and was brought up in George township before his parents divorced. Newsdzezimbabwe

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