VIDEO: Watch Nigeria’s Got Talent – 1st Episode with Kate Henshaw

Nigeria’s Got Talent, the Nigerian Version of famed talent show “Got Talent” premiered on Sunday on local TV stations across Nigeria.

Below is the 1st season of the show hosted by Andre Blaze with Nollywood Superstar Kate Henshaw, OAP Dan Foster and, film maker Yibo Koko on judging duities for the new show.

Ibadan and Port Harcourt showing what they’ve got at the auditions

Diverse talents from 2 cities, Ibadan and Port Harcourt representing.

  1. itunu Reply

    actually, Nigeria’s got talent sucks. the graphics,the judges,the crowd so do not have the crowd cheering spirit, their cheer is like they are saying boooooooo. geez nigerian’s got to wake up. i might be young and a nigerian but i know what i’m saying” Nigeria’s Got Talent sucks”.

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