A Touching Story Shared By Pastor E.A. Adeboye (MUST READ)

Pastor E.A Adeboye

Pastor E.A Adeboye

In 1956, while living with my uncle, we had our fair share of poverty. He was poor but I was poorer. We mutually shared whatever we had.

One day, we were very hungry and there was no food in sight. Then all of a sudden a young girl approached us and said her sister asked her to give us the food she was carrying -pounded yam with vegetable soup and chicken. My uncle told her he did not know her sister and asked if she was sure we were the right people the food was meant for. She replied in the affirmative, so we received the gift and my uncle told her he will be expecting more gifts from her sister like this one she brought.

Immediately the girl left, we pounced on the food. As soon as we were done eating the food, the girl resurfaced and said it was all a mistake that the food was not for us. Who will give a hungry lion a goat and expect to get it back?

The mercy of God can corner what was meant for somebody else for the recipient of His mercy. This season, the mercy of God will bring you blessings and opportunities including the ones not initially meant for you. By an unplanned move or deed, mercy will connect you to your destiny. Mercy turns mistakes into appointments. When mercy is involved, there are no mistakes!

Father, let Your mercy compel mistakes to work in my favor in Jesus’ Name. AMEN

  1. Anonymous Reply

    plz i tink i need a big deliverante from you sir , my name is emmaunel temitope.plz i need ur paryer

  2. adewole Reply

    hello. please I would like to ask about deliverance from occultic initiation. I do not know how I got intiated into awo cult. My father took me to an outing. I am beginning to suspect that the food I ate there got me intiaited into AWO cult. Some few months back, my father gave me some water to drink during an outing. I think the water made me to begin perceiving strange smells in some people.

    Please I would like to ask for the procedure/deliverance on how to break free from this occultic intiation and oppression.

  3. Olayemi adeyemi Reply

    Sir,am frm osun state bt nw a studnt of unaab in abeokuta,i luv to teach people d word,2day one of d gurl dat i preached to tels me dat she met a lesbian nd she was willn to repent bt she tuk a blud oath wit d orda gurl,nd d orda gurl did nt want to be saved.pls wat wil i do or wot steps wil be taken 4 d blud oath to broke without repercusn………………….sir,i want to ask if watchn of futbal in a public bal show is a sin?

    • Deaconess (Mrs) Omolara Olakunmi Reply

      A deliverance session with marathon fasting of say 3 days should set her free. Get a sincere deliverance pastor to carry out the deliverance session.

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