Nigerians Outraged Over Rick Ross’ New Video – Hold Me Back (Nigeria)

A new video by Rick Ross has sparked an outrage among Nigerians saying he portrayed the West African country as poverty stricken slums. The new video – Hold Me Back, was shot in the slums of Lagos Nigeria, featuring scenes from the Nigerian civil war as well as poverty stricken areas of Lagos mostly in black and white and very little color. The American singer was also shown giving out dollar bills to little children in the rural areas.

While some Nigerians are outraged, others expressed mixed feelings, saying the singer has captured what the Nigerian government tries to hide from the world. Below are some reactions of Nigerians on YouTube:

Angie10174: It doesn’t matter if there is truth to what’s depicted in the video, even the truth can be guilty of the dangers of a single-story like Chimamanda Adichie would say. The last thing Africa needs is another media portrayal of struggle, primitiveness and savage behavior. When he came to Nigeria are those the areas he was living or residing during his stay? If that was the case, would he have lasted long enough to even shoot that video? Africans in diaspora are tired of explaining!

Mansun Dachi: I wonder why people are criticizing this video. Its a stark reality of how the situation is in Nigeria. It is even worse in some parts. It is a most accurate and crystal clear picture of suffering, and oppression of over 85 percent of the Nigerian population. Its just a shame that an American rapper would come and depict it starkly. I respect Rick Ross for that.

There are indeed poor parts in Nigeria as well as all over the world. However the problem that I have with this video and the problem that may not be articulating well from people who disagree with the vid is that is feeds into stereotypes. Rick Ross did not grow up in Africa therefore he loses personal connection with the audience. This vid feeds into the stereotype that Africa is a poor helpless place and his original vid feeds into the stereotype that all black Americans are poor/hood. #smh

Clement Oke: The rap is talking about the struggles and realities of living in areas that exist and is a proclamation that the rapper will not be held back by the hurdles faced in the ghetto or slum whatever you want to call it. You can’t sweep these issues under the carpet and videos about rappers drinking Crystal on yachts, throwing money around is not in my view, an honest or admirable way to portray any society. More power Rick Ross!

Akinwale segun:
we are AFRICANSnot niggas, time we Africans start up for our identity and culture rather than, hiding behind the shadows of Americans and Caribbeans

Lupef1asco1: This is Nigeria. The Nigeria many Nigerians dont see and the Nigeria many foreigners are exposed to via the media. Why hide it by showing the very very very few posh parts of the country. This is reality

Conleonet: WELL!! If only all our Nigerian artist whr shootin videos dis way …maybe our government would have seen reason for a change …dis Video is GHETTO

LethalJizzle:When he filmed the original video in New Orleans nobody complained that he depicted america as a slum because everyone knew it was the ghetto. It’s the same here, he’s going to the most needy places in the country just like he did America. It suits the point of the song.

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[Verse 2]
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Niggas breakin’ the rules, niggas facin’ suspension


[Verse 3]
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How we rose from the sewers, funny now I’m the shit
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  1. Omololu Reply

    So you want to crucify him for telling you the truth that your government has failed to utilise the resources. Stop castigating this man for showcasing the failure of your government.

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