I Prefer Polygamy – Swazi Minister Caught With Another Man

Swazi Swazi Minister of Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs, Hlobisile Ndlovu in the news when caught with another man says that she prefers a polygamous marriage as opposed to a monogamous one.

Ndlovu who is in a monogamous marriage with Pastor Sam Fidelis said this in Parliament yesterday.

Ndlovu disclosed her preference during a joint sitting of the House of Assembly and Senate where parliamentarians where debating the ratification of 28 international conventions or protocols.

Ndlovu made this statement in support of Senator Chief Kusa who had said he had reservations on Article 6 (C) in the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa of 2004, which states that monogamy is encouraged as the preferred form of marriage.

“How can we, as a country that allows both form of marriages, then state that we prefer one over the other?” asked Chief Kusa. He said the word ‘preferred’ should be removed.

Ludzeludze MP Nonhlanhla Dlamini said there was nothing wrong with the phrasing of the Article and said she personally preferred to be the only woman in her husband’s life.

However, Ndlovu then stood up and said: “I prefer polygamy and if I had to choose I would choose it.”

The Sunday World quoted her as saying when she was caught with another man ‘if my husband is hurting, he must buy Panados and drink it with lots and lots of water to soothe the pain’.

With hubby

With hubby

This was after Pastor Sam Fidelis had told the newspaper that he was hurting over the issue of finding his wife at the airport with a man.

Ndlovu explained that with her comments she was trying to highlight that in her career she regularly meets with men and if her husband was hurt by that then he would have a real problem.

“I don’t find it sarcastic. It got me hot under the collar that my husband will have a problem when he finds me with men.
“In my line of work there are men aplenty. It would be catastrophic health wise for him to question that as he is still to find me with many men I work with,” said Ndlovu.

In an interview with the Times yesterday Ndlovu confirmed that Pastor Fidelis found her in a position that he was not entirely happy with at the airport.

She said she was from Russia on official government business. She, however, stressed that there was nothing untoward going on between her and the people she was with.

The minister said when her husband arrived at the VIP lounge she was not in the company of one person but was with five men.
She said they were all sitting on couches and some of them had fallen asleep.

Minister Ndlovu said she could not say whether she was leaning on anyone or anyone was leaning on her because she was asleep.

“My analysis with regard to the Sunday World report is that it is void of the truth, inaccurate and simply a strategy to discredit my integrity. In my history of dating I have never cheated. There are no accommodation facilities at OR Tambo International Airport so I could not have been found sleeping at the airport. Also as a parent who is raising two teenagers I wouldn’t even like to give an impression to my children that cheating is okay,” she said.

Times of swaziland

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