PHOTO: Woman Gives Birth To Neckless Baby With Goat-Like Feet

The birth of a strange-looking baby without neck, having a goat-like feet has again been reported in Nigeria.

There is no explanation for the story surrounding the birth of the baby yet.

This news is reportedly coming from Jigawa state. Hard to believe, yes, but the photo evidence is compelling. This photo was spotted on and shows the baby with no defined facial features, translucent skin around his protruding stomach and feet that – for lack of a better description – do look like goat hoofs.

Information Nigeria says this is the fourth time the birth mother has given birth to deformed child. The story is not confirmed, but that photograph is worth a thousands words.

Neckless Baby With Goat-Like Feet

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    Omg I feel tha so bad am sorry

  2. Anonymous Reply

    did u survive?

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Omgsh so sorry

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Demonic creature

    • Anonymous Reply

      The baby is in Heaven with Jesus
      The baby has never done anything wrong to be called EVIL.This little baby had problems with his growth in the womb, caused by anything but evil.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Look closer. Those are normal feet. It’s the blood discoloration that makes them look like hooves.

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    i am so sorry!!

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    The feet do have toes. But the way the baby looks it did not survive. I wonder how u would name this condition.

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