Thousands Protest Anti-Islam Movie In Kaduna

Anit-Islam movie protest in Kaduna

Anit-Islam movie protest in Kaduna

Thousands of Shiites Muslims of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria marched through the city of Kaduna on Monday in the latest protest against a US-made anti-Islam film.

The demonstration was started at Bakin Ruwa near Rigasa-the Kaduna neighborhood where several policemen, traditional rulers and several residents have been killed this year.

“I am on the street and it is just a sea of people. You actually can’t count. It is men, women and children denouncing the US and Israel,” said Shehu Sani a Kaduna-based activist.

The crudely-made film has stirred outrage across the Islamic world, with protests reported in more than 20 countries and over 50 people killed in attacks or demonstrations.

“We are holding this protest to express our outrage over the movie that blasphemed Islam,” said Mukhtar Sahabi, a protest organiser and member of the Islamic Movement.

Some protesters dragged British, US and Israeli flags along the dusty streets as they marched through the northern, Muslim-dominated half of the city.

The low-budget film “Innocence of Muslims” was reportedly produced by an Egyptian Coptic Christian.

Several armed soldiers and police were seen deployed apparently to forestall any break down of law and order during the protest.

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