Pan-African Inspired Fashion House, “54-Kingdoms” Storms New York (PHOTOS)

54 Kingdom collections

An African clothing and accessories designer brand known as 54 Kingdoms, stormed New York this week to promote their 2012 design collections to consumers in the big Apple. 54 Kingdom specializes in the creation of high-quality fashion trend with African flavor. The brand pays close attention to including cultural detail and fine craftsmanship to bring both quality and cutting-edge trends at reasonable prices, season after season.

The team says it constantly research on current trends around the globe in fusion with culture and identity to keep customers dressing with pride and purpose.
54 Kingdom collections54 Kingdom collections
As natives of Ghana, both the C.E.O. and President of 54 Kingdoms are among the Board of Directors of Ghana Youth Forum; a nationwide youth forum in Ghana that engages the youth in national issues, governance and contribute to the decision making process of the nation.54 Kingdom collections
54 Kingdom collections
“Fashion shouldn’t be just about aesthetics; it should be the thread that interweaves our culture and identity, into the fabric of life that displays the pattern of our pride and self-expression,” says 54 Kingdom.
54-Kingdom collections 54-Kingdom collections
Visit their site for details on how to get your chick-looking outfit:

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