PHOTO: Demonic-Looking Beasts Reportedly Killed At Madonna University

According to an email from supposed students of Madonna University, Ebele campus in Rivers State, Nigeria, two monster beasts were killed at the University.

Below is the email:

“On Wednesday two demonic looking creatures were killed by security operatives within Madonna University Elele campus, a smaller one was first spotted close to a uncompleted building, security operative attacked and killed it, hours later a bigger more fierce looking beast was also spotted … Most people said it came for revenge , I personally cannot say what it came for but it was also killed.”

Monster beast killed at the University

  1. iledo edith Reply

    end time is here

  2. FATIMAH Reply


  3. f.u.okwu Reply

    I dont believe it too.

  4. Okezie Emmanuel Reply

    Hmm,, What can i say
    Is either you are saved or are not
    Heaven is real and hell is real
    You cannot escape the both
    Repent now and be converted
    The signs of CHRISTs coming is everywhere
    Make your choice

  5. Samuel Reply

    God, please see us through i know ur coming is at d corner please….

  6. Cyril. Reply

    This is not had better remove This story from the internet because no beast was killed.that was an enlarged photo of rabbit used by nursing students in their practical

  7. rayzor Reply

    This is idiotic. It is a picture of a common mammal with the skin taken off. A child of average intelligence can see thru it. I wonder why intellectually-challenged people post this kind of filth, and I pity the morons that lap it up without reasoning. If it was a real and this is supposed to be an actual yniversity, why not do a research on the so-called ‘beast’ and publish the result in a scientific journal? Or do they just collect fees and churn out superstitious graduates that contribute nothing meaningful to society? If perchance they discover prehistoric bones or other archeological specimens, I bet they will ascribe it to witchcraft. We are way too backward in this country.

  8. nikrazor Reply

    Its fake jor……..if nt,y is it only one dimension of d pix we are cing in d whole dis day and time dat internet access is easy n quick….pls @ all….dis is a story only believed by fool……#no beef

  9. Anonymous Reply

    waooo dis is serious

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Hmm dunno what to say

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