PICTURES: Muriel Mwamba, Zambian Musician Releases New Album

Exotic award winning singer, songwriter Muriel Mwamba has released a new album titled “Lesa Alomfa,” which means God Hears!
Muriel Mwamba was born in Zambia, Southern Africa. Her music’s bright urgency and infectious rhythms reflect the flavorful mix of Kalindula, R & B, jazz and Brazilian sounds.
Muriel Mwamba
Her repertoire is a combination of folk traditional melodies and original songs which expand the rhythmic, harmonic and lyrical possibilities of roots into international territory. It’s a delightful musical safari into classic South African pop.

The first series of songs from her self-produced album Lesa Alomfwa (God Listens)

Muriel Mwamba

Muriel Mwamba

To listen to the album and make a purchase, visit: Muriel Mwamba’s page.

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