SHOCKING: Having Sex with the Dead In Kenya?

Kenya The following is a revelation on an account of a Facebook page called Nairobi exposed.

The administrator of the page copy pasted the conversation he/she had with a mortuary attendant where the mortuary attendant confesses how he and his colleagues have sex with dead women.

Here it is:
This morning i got these rare audience sharing a rather unbelievable and shocking story anyway this is a copy paste of how it gets into the mortuary corridors.

1 hour ago
Vipi admin, im 29yrs old im a mortuary attendant at ************ home.after kumaliza colle didnt get work and a friend introduced me hapa n ive been attenda
nt for 4yrs now. I want to expose something to wananchi and i hope you dont post my name, there is something shady that has been going on in here that many of you would find shocking but to us its normal. Do u know that we sleep with some of the female clients? yaani tuna have sex nao, and its not just here alone it happens in most of the mortuaries. U know here is high class so clients wenye huletwa hapa ni masource. hiyo kitu ni same ya dame alive and dead! Post lakini usitaje jina

1 hour ago

eish boss si nimeshtuka,so ebu tell me, how just do u start sleeping with them, like dead body can turn u on?

1 hour ago
Unashtuka? I rem during my recruitment they had brought in a young lady alikufa accident and after washing that guy just started having sex with her.i was shocked but not everyone.later told when the body come in thats when its good coz its not stiff and bado ni 1st ilikuwa 2yrs back,they brought this gal,she was cute sana,alikuwa brown,thighs,matiti pia i was so erect and i slept with her,it was sweet!huyo dame was so cute!i did it severaly hadi akatolewa after 6days.ever since its normal thing,but we have boundaries you dont take someone’s client.

56 minutes ago

You have galfrend? Na dont u fear catching infection?

54 minutes ago
I have a wife and 1 kid, she doesnt know na work kwa mortuary still,married tu last cant get infected with a dead thing.

34 minutes ago

You say u have high class clients,mind sharing any high profile client u’ve slept with?

6 minutes ago

Wee admin una maswali mingi sana.naona ushaambia watu wanangojea for the story go and post it.that one i wouldnt tell.niko kwa gari naenda job!weka nitasoma comments baadaye hata saa hii kuna client nilianza naye jana,nikiingia nafungua naye kazi. Just dont mention my name

4 minutes ago

sawa boss thanx for sharing

From: Nairobi exposed Facebook page

  1. Anonymous Reply

    u will die u stupid man en u can dare say that shame on u aki may God remember u

  2. Anonymous Reply

    U r afool hw cn u slp wt dead pple n hv sex wt thm???

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Inaitwa Necrophilia,its been going on a
    long time,as old as undertaking is…..they use to do it in motcha (city mortuary), very very sad but true.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    eei! boss dat z bad 2 fuck dead body mazee God will chrng u at de laxt min c uyo buda asake mad women den h fuck her rather dan fucking dead people shamen u go en fuck ur wife nt au sosi hahahahahaaa mzto we n bure xana imgne dead one n venye cel zko deed wou! we c m2 banah um let dwn wzto

  5. Anonymous Reply

    dats wrong

  6. Anonymous Reply

    God forbid i rather fuck a dog than a dead body

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Thats bullshit

  8. Anonymous Reply

    yaani people wametan wakawa wanyama my Go send jesus soon enough

  9. Anonymous Reply

    yaani people wametan wanyama may God send jesus sooner

  10. Anonymous Reply

    thats z xo bad bna kwany are u a x-tian? know wat you do in dak would revealed in mchana

  11. Anonymous Reply

    how dare to sleep with the dead! what a shame!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Jesus come and save the world again,brother? u need a prayer.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    May God curse you an spare ua wife an kid coz hao ni innocent..wewe ni bure kabisa.

  14. Anonymous Reply

    hata wanyama wako atleast they wont do that. may they are also dead and you dont know.a grown up man, those are people who rape very little young kids, bullshit,

  15. Anonymous Reply

    God akusamehe wat if ufanye hivo kisha uone mtu huyo amaamka utado what

  16. Anonymous Reply

    na unapost,do think tz cul?JINGA sana,umelaaniwa

  17. Anonymous Reply

    why telling us,jinga we

  18. Anonymous Reply

    fuck fuck u fuck ua mama fuck you idiot nothing bt slave of satarn fuck fuck u all normaly do that

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