4 UNIPORT students burnt alive for allegedly stealing phones, laptops (PHOTOS) – Viewer’s Discretion Advised

Four University of Port Harcourt students named Ugonna, Aladdin and Chidiaka were Friday morning (today) beaten mercilessly and burnt alive for allegedly stealing phones and laptops in an off campus hostel.

The victims, who were in their early 20s, were reportedly burnt by indegenes of Aluu community. Instead of calling the police and getting them arrested, they took law into their hands. The killers decided to punish them by putting tyres over the heads of the unarmed students and burnt them. Then they took pictures, filmed it and spread it around.




Uniport Students killed

Uniport Students killed




  1. tjee Reply

    Nigeria needs deliverance,

  2. Anita Reply

    i pray that God will console the decease parents, families and loved ones because it will still remain a shock to them…..God please have mercy on our country Nigeria *with a broken hrt and a tearful eyez i pray that God will 4give and accept there souls. AMEN.

  3. Marcs Reply

    Anyone whose hand is involved in this vicious killing, should know that one day, he or she must also be killed in that way. God have mercy!

  4. laura Reply

    Deji! you’re worst than those killers I hope you repent so you don’t meet worst. They could only killed your body’s, thank God your souls are resting from this cruel world. as for them their bodies and souls have no resting place. to the family’s of the victims I pry the Lord Almighty console and comfort you all may their gentle souls continue to rest in
    peace amen!

  5. Tony nwokolo Reply

    Senseless Act. You kill people that allegedly stole laptop under very controversial circumstances, yet you worship politicians and government officials that steal your billions. This is a sad irony, wicked mentality and unnecessary transferred aggression from the failure of governance.

  6. u ar vry rite Reply

    some human beings ar vry wicked. Looked at hw they killed dose innosent students, in d name of a thief. Lyf na wahaha….

  7. blessing Reply

    people are very wicked

  8. anonymous Reply

    Very very dumbfounded and seeing this in-human action today 26/11/2012.
    though, never on earth where students sent o School to go and steal. But the wicked and currupt world have influenced many people they resort to negativ vices in school e.g cultism.immoral life,stealing etc.
    But mankind should never be the judge but God, like in the case of Mary magdalene in the bible. Of which these killers may be engaging in. The would have done anything as regards punishing them without taking there life.Is quite a pitty. Nigerians sorry oh…. I wonder the country terroist group is rising, people beeing killed illegitimately without drastic actions been taken by the Governments,elders and let justice prevail in our country. But surprisingly, top Government officials and elders in Nigeria are the people sitting on truth and covering bad gangs up while evil is rampaging our country.

  9. Alex Reply

    Who be dis Deji sef? Aluu community will take your life the same way those boys lives where taken. Thief!! Your Mamma, Your Papa Idiot!!

  10. wini Reply

    Who the hell is that dat man welding that stick???? He needs to be executed!! Along with the bariatric villagers standing by – doing nothing! Shame on Nigeria!!

    I am traumatised forever by such outstanding wickedness! May the blood of those 4 beautiful boys that perished in such an evil untimely way call from the ground in which they met their blooded end; and those who took part in these killings meet their own deaths the same way and their families be cursed for generations!

    I thought Nigeria was ok…

    I could never go there now!

    This has shamed the country world over..

  11. Kevin Boone Reply

    I am an African American. A few days ago in Newtown, Connecticut, USA, a 20 year old man went into an elementary school and shot dead 20 kids, most of whom were under 7 years of age, and also murdered 6 adults, mostly teachers as well as the principal, and his own mother, who was helping out at the school. As a little boy, this individual attended the school. After the hellish, wicked acts he perpetrated he shot himself dead. Many say if you don’t have anything good to say about someone just be quiet. Well he’s dead. GOOD! We Americans are in a funk regarding this tragedy and it is producing a lot of soul-searching on so many levels.

    I had the unfortunate experience of seeing the video of the four young men who were stripped, bludgeoned, ‘necklaced’, and then set afire for allegedly stealing a laptop and some cellphones. The horror of it all, along with the above-mentioned outrage, is much too much.

    We have an obligation to ourselves, and to our countries, not let something like these things happen again. We must do all we can to register our contempt for such behavior and we must seek justice. If we remain silent we are guilty.

  12. Ib Reply

    Haba Nigerian! is dis d gud pple i used 2 kn. Hw n earth were u pple comfortable watchin those 4 students burnt 2 death 4 mere phone ad laptop dat can b afforded is there life affordable. Dat is pure wickednes cos u could help by callin d police, bt u prefer 2 watch those handsm students die jst like dat. I pray dt there soul wil nt rest until they avenge there wicked killer.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    God have mercy

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