VIDEO: 4 UNIPORT Students Burnt Alive For Alleged Stealing – Viewer’s Discretion Advised

The names of the victims are : Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka and the incident happened in Aluu community, a poor local community.

The video shows how the students were brutally beaten and burnt alive (VIEWER’S DISCRETION ADVISED)

  1. Mama terence Reply

    Omg omg! Jesus Jesus ! I lost hope in humanity! Crying crying omg!

  2. Nnamdi Reply

    Those who did this to these young Men will never have rest in their lives. Because I am sure that they are not better than these your Men in terms of morality.They should be arrested and prosecuted for taken the law into their hands. We human beings are the enemies of ourselves. Can’t stop crying!

  3. Ogus Baba Reply

    na wa oo people badt oo

  4. skimmer Reply

    those pple d@ kill dose guy’s they are a big sinner nd dey shall not go on punishment please government if u get these people that kill those student please kill them also as they kill those guy’s so that when next time they come to this world they will no how to 4give nd they did not have the power to kill. even they catch a thief they need to give report to the police them police will decide what i bliev is that those guy’s are not thief is a pity how thier parent is going to feel now pple are very wicked oh.

    Is a pity.

  5. KM Reply

    this is not a glorious day for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. i’m deeply saddened at the murder of these young men, even if they were criminal thieves. it seems that we’re discussing the murder of men for STEALING! are you serious? are there not actual murderers in Nigeria who are going unpunished for their deeds, yet these young men are beaten to death, in public, by a mob, for stealing?

    there is something deeply and fundamentally wrong and askew in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  6. kaso Reply

    Those bastards should be killed exactly the same way they killed those poor boys…..

  7. amoo Reply

    oh my God um crying um not stop crying,i never see what all this young man do,for them killed with such pain death,omg we ourself killing each other like dog,omg can you see clearing will dont have good government in Nigeria,black man with black thought i hate this country called Nigeria,may this young guys soul rest in peace,for the guy that killed all this young men with pain death,he should know that he has commit crime,can he burn is own chldren like that,i swear to GOD that particular man,is a murder infact he dont have a conscience,that man will have killed many people like that,the man should be arrested and kill excetly like the way he killed those young soul,um crying i never get my self better,only God can console the parent of these guys

  8. kingsXB Reply

    This young men were killed for an unjust cause.the mob of aluu community sent them to their early grave,I heard that this young men were upcoming celebrities in terms music,oh!our future celebrities.May their agrieved soul rest in peace.

  9. Enewa Reply

    Too bad! I pray God not to let this kind of evil happen again, My sympathy goes to all the families of this young men. may their gentle soul rest in peace.I suggest this video be off the net to save the up coming children from seeing and feeling the wickedness and heartlessness of men. oooooh God save our world!!!!!……..

  10. Lawrence Okuefuna Reply

    pity pity pity. may God Almighty give the souls of these innocent boys eternal rest in Jesus Amen! May the souls of those wicked elements that perpetrated this ugly act never no peace until they are fished and prosecuted accordingly. Those evil men and women are not supposed to dwell in the land of the living. My prayer as well as other good spiritual individuals world over who have been condemning this act in its entirety is that God will assist the security operatives to apprehend those wicked souls and made them face the full rought of the law. – COMRADE LAWRENCE OKUEFUNA (concerned citizen)

  11. Anonymous Reply

    i heard twelve of this monsters beasts have been captured,i hope they will be quickly sent to there graves so they can go and spend there eternity in hell,whats wrong naija?this is 2015, wake the fuck up,this is barbaric,r.i.p.

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