Suspects Arrested In Connection With Killing of 4 UNIPORT Students

Uniport Students killed

Uniport Students killed

Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Ibim Semenitari on Sunday announced that arrests have been made in connection with the killing in Aluu Community, where four supposed students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) were burnt alive on Friday.

The four persons were burnt alive for alleged theft. Video HERE

The police had earlier promised to arrest the perpetrators of the crime urging the youth of the university community not to take laws into their hands.

However, the Commissioner announced the arrest this afternoon via twitter:

UNIPORT Students

Meanwhile, the deputy registrar of University of Port Harcourt, Williams Modi, said the school will issue a statement once they have information on what actually transpired on the day of the reported incident.

  1. BIGSARGE Reply

    Now this is a damm shame. These folks did not deserve this treatment and I wish I could run into the sick folks that did this to them. Im sure they werent raised right and Im not even sure if they are human. This video makes me so mad that in todays time that things like this happen in our world. I pray for the victims families and challenge the police to do there damm job over there.

  2. Lyricanne Reply

    What baffled me most, was that during the whole time these students were been tortured and later burned alive, no police or army was called in to protect them. Are there no police in that local government area? So, noone there dared to call the police? I strongly oppose sharia in the North. However, sharia treatment should have been preferred. This barbaric and uncivilized behavior should not occur in any society in this 21st century. I hope that the perpetrators of this evil act should face the wrath of Nigeria law. Even the politicians who have stolen the State dry do not deserve such barbaric torture and death.

  3. kate Reply

    God will surely punish those murderers no matter where they go or where they run to,they will no no peace so shall it be from today

  4. bule Reply

    What baffled me most, is there no police station in that community?

  5. omiks Reply

    i couldnt even finish watching the videos,i was already in tears. r we in d stone age? dat event would have taken hours to perpetrate. r we saying the police didnt hear about the events in dose hours.all policemen on duty during the hours of d event should be fired.i am short of words

  6. Femi Reply

    Alu decendants are caussed. their women will die without sons and their sons will die before the get to 18 for perpetuating this evil act.

  7. sweets Reply

    so shall it be in jesus name, amen

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