Tear Apart The Veil – By Ogunjimi James Taiwo

Photo by: movellas

Photo by: movellas

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery…” – Robert Nesta Marley

It’s heart-shattering when you go to churches where the larger
percentage of members are illiterates, it’s then you realise the
reason why Nigerian leaders continue to loot and oppress and yet they
still continue to enjoy good health and longevity.

I had the opportunity of being in that kind of place yesterday, i
visited the church and I met people praying and sweating profusely.
Haba! I even thought they were praying for prosperity, success or
deliverance, as we are wont to do in Nigeria. But lo and behold, i was
shocked beyond measure when I heard the prayer point; these people
were praying and sweating for God to continue to add prosperity to the
lives of our leaders and continue to bless them with good health. Oh
my God! I was tempted to carry my Bible and go back to my house, but
on second thought, i chose to stay and worship there.

I took time to study these people; i saw people who left for the farm
very early in the morning and came back in the evening, yet they still
live in abject poverty. I saw people whose children were clear
testimonies of their lack of good food. I saw people who struggled to
get by on a daily basis, yet they still come short. I realised,
illiteracy is not ignorance, but ignorance is illiteracy.

It is sad, really sad that while some people are busy fighting for a
change in situation for this country, some people continue to make it
an act in futility with their ignorance. I wonder if God can ignore a
prayer that fervent that it causes sweat to break out. There is the
need for efforts to be intensified in ridding our people of ignorance.
There is the need for them to be taught to change the direction of
their prayers. Instead of praying for more prosperity for our leaders,
why can’t they pray for them to have a heart of selflessness. If
prayers must be made, it must be right and not one that will thwart
the effort of those who are truly committed to the liberation of the
nation from the clutches of bad leaders.

All well-meaning and non-ignorant Nigerians need to come together to
enlighten others who are yet understand. There is the need for an
emancipation of the mind. There is the need to tear off the veil that
has kept people from seeing. There is the need to remove the cloak
that has hitherto blocked people from seeing. We must work
collectively to throw off the garments of gullibily that our people
have adorned themselves with. Then, and only then can we successfully
undertake the saving of this nation from pending doom.

God bless Nigeria!

Ogunjimi James Taiwo

E-mail: hullerj@yahoo.com

Twitter: @hullerj


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