UNIPOST Killing: Policemen present at my son’s lynching – Mother (VIDEO)

Mrs. Chinwe Biringa

Mrs. Chinwe Biringa

In an exclusive interview with Channels TV, the bereaved mother of one of the boys that were lynched and burnt to death in Aluu, last Friday in Port Harcourt, Mrs. Chinwe Biringa, has alleged has said that policemen were present during the killings adding that there is no security in Nigeria.

She said, “Eyewitnesses accounts revealed that policemen were at the scene of the incident. Besides, policemen at the police station confirmed to one of the bereaved parents who visited them that policemen were there.

“And the explanation they gave was that they were overwhelmed by the crowd and that they had insufficient bullets in their guns and all that thrash to confront the crowd.

“But those people were only with sticks not with guns. If they really wanted to work they would have worked. If they had done what the Joint Task Force did by firing warning shots into the air when they wanted to collect the corpses, things wouldn’t have gone awry.”

While insisting that the four murdered boys were not robbers, Chinwe said, “We don’t have security in this country. We don’t just have and our children and wards are all over the country. We are only living by God’s grace everyday, because this can happen to anybody any day.

“God knows best because nothing stops Him from doing something extraordinary to save them. But may God judge all those who had a hand in the killings.”

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    The people of Aluu and those that have hand in the killing and those useless animals that call them self police and their families will all die miserable dead

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