Nun Caught on Camera Stealing Beer (VIDEO)

'Nun' caught on camera stealing beer

Nun‘ caught on camera stealing beer

This ‘nun‘ appears to have picked up a bad habit after she was caught on surveillance camera stealing beer from a convenience store.

The footage offers little detail as to where and when the petty criminal was filmed, suggesting it could be a prankster trying out their Halloween costume a few weeks early.

In the clip, a person in a habit and long, dark dress walks up to the row of refrigerators and takes a can from the shelf, before dropping it into a pocket.

The ‘nun‘ then shoplifts a bottle of water before grabbing another beer and taking off.

The video clip was posted to YouTube, It also featured on various news outlets, including News Channel 3 in Oklahoma.

Real or not, this sister is going to have some serious confessing to do.

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