Massive Turnout For P-Square In Zimbabwe Show (PHOTOS)

Thousands of people packed into the Glamis Arena in Harare for a massive P Square show. Even the rain which lashed Harare could not keep the huge crowds from this one. Peter Okoye, one half of P Square tweeted his love for Zimbabwe after the show saying “Lord I thank u for the luv and support zimbabwe pple showed us tonight.”


It was reported that Delta shelled out as much as $150 000 to bring P-Square to Zimbabwe. On the other hand, over 10 local acts including Winky D, Amara Brown, Chiwoniso Maraire, Mic Inity, DJ Rax, BaShupi and Roki shared not more than $10 000.
Given that standard tickets cost US$10, over US$200 000 was made from ticket sales alone.

As thousands of beautiful Zimbabwean “Onyinyes” screamed their heads off and sang along to P-Square, thousands more were screaming outside as the pressure to get into the concert got so intense that several people got bitten by police dogs.
And it was beautiful Onyine’s indeed, as the front rows of the show were filled predominantly with women, many of whom spent the three or so hours that P-Square were on stage in a state of total euphoria.

Many though, missed the first part of the performance by P-Square as they were told upon arriving at Glamis, that they had to buy tickets at the Rainbow Towers. This created a traffic nightmare along Samora Machel Avenue, and Pennefeather Avenue, driving into the Rainbow Towers, so much so that hotel Marketing Director, Tawanda Marufu, had to come out himself and help security direct traffic.

According to Delta Beverages Marketing Manager, Patricia Murambinda, they sold out of tickets for the show.
“We printed 20 000 tickets,” she told Zimbo Jam. “And we’re out of tickets. This is our first ever sell out show.”

A sudden afternoon downpour, after weeks of dry stifling heat in the capital, made it look, for several hours, like the rain would disrupt the show.


At around 5pm, the rain, which had started at about midday, and which poured across most parts of Zimbabwe, had stopped pouring but was still coming down in soft, steady showers. A steely and determined Murambinda had not been perturbed and had told Zimbo Jam, “The rain was sent so that people can have fun in a cool atmosphere. It will pass soon.”

It did.
Despite the delay of several hours the beerfest, which should have kicked off around 1pm with performances from various local artists, did go on, starting at about 6pm.

By about 7pm, the crowds started coming out in force. The thousands of people who had been buying tickets all week, suddenly came out of their houses and the party was on, much to the relief of hundreds of Delta Beverages and HIFA staff, who were watching the skies anxiously all day.

HIFA (Harare International Festival of the Arts) organised the show on behalf of Delta’s Lion Lager brand.


But it wasn’t just Hararians who filled up the Glamis Arena. Fans came from all over Zimbabwe for the show. There were people from Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru and other parts of the country.

Because of the delay, local acts had to have their sets cut short, but they gave a good account of themselves. Zimbo Jam got to Glamis as Roki was performing. We also saw Winky D’s performance and, as usual, these two, brought it on. Others in the line up included Amara Brown, Ba Shupi and Nox.

Because this was a HIFA-organised gig, things happened on time. At about 9pm the Naija boys came on. At about half-past midnight they were done and DJ Rax took to the turntables and kept those who stayed behind dancing. Meanwhile, the after party was starting in the Rainbow Towers VIP room.

During their performance, Peter and Paul, dispelled rumours that they were part of the Illuminati. “Instead of celebrating that P-Square have done well, people want to say bad things about us,” they said. The day before, at a press conference they had explained that they were from a Christian background and so knew nothing about this Illuminati business.

P-Square also left a challenge for Zimbabwean fans and media. “The reason why we are so big is because of the support from our fans and media,” they said. “We are performing in Zimbabwe today because of that and we look forward to one day having Zimbabwean artists performing in Nigeria. It’s up to the Zimbabwean media to keep on talking about your artists.”

You should have seen thousands of people go totally crazy when they started performing their hit Chop My Money at the end of their set. It was euphoria at another level as hands went up into the air to perform the money chopping gesture. The song is such a hit that the brothers performed it twice, and even the second time round the excitement was just as palpable. Newsdzezimbabwe



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