Ghana: Arrest the president – AFAG

AFAG Members

AFAG Members

The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), has called for the arrest and prosecution of President John Mahama and key leaders of the NDC.

According to the group, government’s dealings with Huawei Technologies are in contravention of Act 574 of the political parties Act. Addressing a press briefing in Accra, AFAG, indicated that Huawei has been complicit in some dealings with government and the National Democratic Congress, which could be described as corrupt.

They said in contravention to the political parties act, Huawei has been providing the NDC with party paraphernalia and buying air tickets for officials.

Quoting Act 574 of the political parties act AFAG’s Davis Opoku Ansah said, “A non-citizen shall not directly or indirectly make a contribution or donation or loan whether in cash or in kind to fund a political party… and no political party or person acting for or on behalf of a political party shall demand or accept a contribution, donation or loan from a non-citizen”.

The group indicated that as a way of appreciating the company, the Ministry of Communications and National Security have awarded Huawei contracts in line with telecommunication development. “The NDC government in a reciprocal gesture awarded the Huawei group what could arguably go down as one of the juiciest contracts to be doled out by the current government” Davis Opoku Ansah said.

AFAG has therefore called for the arrest and persecution of the president John Mahama as leader of the NDC along with the party’s General Secretary.

“AFAG will proceed to the police station to formally lodge a complaint for further investigation into this criminal act” said Arnold Boateng, a member of AFAG.

The opposition pressure group, AFAG is also challenging the electoral commission, to publish the annual reports on NDC to ascertain whether the donations by Huawei have been reported.

From: Ghana| Joy News Television| Seyram Abla De-Souza

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