New MUSIC: Tonto Dikeh Debut Singles – ‘HI’ + ‘ITZova ‘

Fresh new singles from the queen diva you all have been waiting for Tonto Dikeh Finally stops the wait by dropping her much anticipated singles HI + iTZova . These fresh singles have just shown Tonto is absolutely an ENTERTAINER Movie + Music What else can i say its all about TALENT.

HI is a little bit of high tempo with the feel of african drums and ItZova is more of a dancehall/reggae single which is definitely going to move clubs all over the country.

Listen to Tonto Dikeh‘s new single ‘Hi’ HERE

Listen to Itz Ova HERE

  1. deen Reply

    tonto why????????????. i blame the director and producer of ur songs becos you knw little when it comes to music.smh

  2. jay Reply

    its not as bad as d pple re making it sound. wats wrong with trying to diversify? hey, i liked its ova. im not a huge fan of hers but i liked wat i heard. y’all stop stop and stop player hating

  3. actor Reply

    i wonder why people think this is bad, it’s actually nice and i love the concept of the song, could be better but not bad at all, i would gladly dance to this at the club, guess people are just used to commercial songs in africa, this song is a cool club rock.

  4. Flexy Reply

    Tonto should be flogged and the producer/composer should be sued. This is utter rubbish!! i will never desecrate my ears with this song again!

    • snyper Reply

      Lolzzzz LMAO! Plz ooooo u guys shud leave the diversified babe oo SMH

  5. uc Reply

    D song is ok nao.. 9ja pipo

  6. uc Reply

    Pipo just hating

  7. chiboy Reply

    U disappointed nellywood industry and if I were ur boy friend this is d best opportunity to breakup with you and please come and pay 4my MB ooo!

  8. bones Reply

    toto dikeh, seriously u are confused…just go dey fuck for nija movie

  9. daisy Reply

    hey!!! wats dis?

  10. Ej obike Reply

    Tonto whyyyyyyy. U are just wicked. How can u distroy ear drums all in d name of singing. Wat is dat joor. I no blame u na ur prducer I blame. Agbaya

  11. Austin Reply

    Hokd on she tryna sound Indian or what? She ratchet

  12. Austin Reply

    Hold on she tryna sound Indian or what? She ratchet

    • swoosh Reply

      it’s called auto-tune.

  13. Kay Reply

    This is rather poor. I have no beef for her, I actually like her, but it’s always going to be difficult for an actress to cross over to music and not get bashed. This effort is poor though, not terrible but poor. However she is not a singer just an actress trying to sing, so it’ll suffice. Whatever vitriol she gets from listeners will be well deserved. I am certain she can do much better!

  14. kisses Reply

    so tonto your slotishness in the movie industry is not enough. you now went to come and sing utter rubish. please i advice that you stick to what you know how to do best and leave singing alone!!!

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