Oyedepo Reacts To UNIPORT Killing, Blasts Nigerian Leaders

Dr. David O. Oyedepo

Dr. David O. Oyedepo

The Chancellor, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, on Wednesday said Nigeria has leaders who are schooled but not educated on the values of life.

Speaking at the world press conference to mark the 10th anniversary of the university, with the theme: “Celebrating a Decade of Scaling Visionary Heights,’’ Oyedepo said:

“Nigeria needs a complete overhaul. We have leaders who are schooled but not educated on the values of life. There should be reorientation of leadership.

“Moral decadence has eaten deep into the fabrics of our society. Our nation needs a complete overhaul.”

He claimed that the insecurity in Nigeria has become an issue with many faces. He added that the agenda in the north that has caused insecurity is channeled towards the 2015 general elections. “All the agenda in the north is sponsored towards 2015. It is illiterate elites that are behind this issue. We have a leadership challenge because where there’s no decisiveness there will be no control,” he said.

Speaking on the killing of the four students of UNIPORT

“Very soon, people will start eating up themselves. The whole chaos shows the level of insecurity in our nation.

“Our leaders need to wake up. Nothing works in this nation except politics.

“People want to gain political appointments. They care less about the people and more about themselves. This has now provoked restiveness in our youths.”

“It will take the grace of God for us to deal with the moral decadence eating our society.”

The cleric, who sympathised with victims, urged governments’ support for them.

“So many families have been affected. This is a sad news. I urge governments to do everything possible to support the affected persons,” he said.


Oyedepo also decried the state of education in the country, saying, “The education sector needs more investment. Parents should not hestitate to give their children good education.

“Presently, rather than investing in education, people would rather spend their money on things that do not add value, which is wrong.”

“The value system has completely been eroded and we must all rise to the challenge.

“I remember in the good old days, parents were passionate about how they brought up their children by constantly reminding them of the need to uphold integrity and make it their watchword.

“Today, it is a different orientation and perception about how to live in the society as the same parents seem to be singing a different song by encouraging their children and wards to go all out and get things done, irrespective of how it is done,’’ he said.

Oyedepo said he had a vision to build four universities in Nigeria and three others in selected African countries, adding “we have fixed the deadline for these projects to be the end of 2013.”

The cleric said that he was currently working toward achieving the “Vision 2031’’ of the university’s mandate which was basically the establishment of more universities not only in the country but also in Africa.

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