Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Sacks Aides Over Marriage Scandal

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has reportedly wielded the axe and sacked his chief financial backer and personal friend, Ian Makone who was also his chief of staff.

Makone was part of the so called Kitchen Cabinet but the arrival of Tsvangirai’s new wife, Elizabeth, has torn it apart. Head of protocol, James Maridadi has also been sacked as the influence of Elizabeth on Tsvangirai becomes ever more evident.

Sources said Elizabeth threatened to walk away from the marriage if the three remained his confidantes
Pastor Lazarus Muriritirwa, the premier’s Principal Director for Policy Implementation was also fired. He is the one who provided a love nest for Tsvangirai during his unzipping days.

Makone paid the price for continuing to support Locardia Karimatsenga-Tembo, Tsvangirai’s former lover.
Elizabeth leaned on her husband after she learnt that Makone and his wife, Theresa – who is Minister of Home Affairs – were paying legal bills for his ex-wife, Locardia, who is suing Tsvangirai for maintenance.
She also wants Theresa Makone sacked from government.

However, Mr Tsvangirai has no authority to make staff changes in his offices because civil servants can only be fired or redeployed by the Public Service Commission, their employer.

This is not the first time Maridadi has been reassigned in the same office. In 2010, PM Tsvangirai wanted to fire Maridadi as his spokesperson, but was told by the PSC that he did not have such powers.

Reports say UK-based law lecturer Alex Magaisa replaces Makone. It was not clear who would take up Maridadi and Pastor Muriritirwa’s posts.

Tsvangirai’s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka said: “The Prime Minister reserves the right to reorganise his office staff, restructure cabinet deployments and as MDC leader can re-order party deployments. If what you are saying is true, then that means there will be a formal statement soon. That’s all we are saying for now.”

Maridadi, a former radio disc jockey, joined the Prime Minister’s Office as a spokesman in 2009 – apparently after being head-hunted by Makone, his uncle.

He was removed from the position after being caught romping with a woman in Tsvangirai’s hotel suite in South Africa and redeployed as head of protocol. He now appears to have paid the price for his links with Makone. Newsdzezimbabwe

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