Man Kills Rival For Flirting With Wife

Kofi Ahiatrogah and Mary Agbenu

Kofi Ahiatrogah and Mary Agbenu

THE QUEST of a man to keep his flirtatious wife at all cost has landed him in the grips of police.

Kofi Ahiatrogah, a 37-year-old carpenter living at Madina Estate in Ghana, has been caged in the Madina District Police Cells over the alleged murder of Michael Denyo, a 35-year-old taxi driver.

Narrating the incident that led to the death of Denyo, the Madina District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph Owusu Bempah, said the suspect was the husband of Mary Agbenu, a 26-year-old seamstress apprentice.

The couple has a child from their eight-year marriage which has been bedeviled with accusations and counter accusations of flirts and irresponsibility.

About two years ago, Mary used to sell around the Social Welfare area where the deceased plied his taxi trade. Ahiatrogah, over a period of time, observed that his wife Mary, who was the client of the deceased, had become too close with him, raising suspicions that their relationship had transcended driver/customer relationship.

Persistent warning from Ahiatrogah for Mary to cut every communication with the deceased fell on deaf ears.

This resulted in a number of arbitration by their pastors and families of both Ahiatrogah and Mary.

After the last settlement between the couple, Mary held the view that Ahiatrogah disgraced her by throwing her out so she would be made a laughing stock if she returned to her matrimonial home.

She therefore asked her husband get her a new residence so that she visited during the night and leave at dawn so that no one sees her.

Ahiatrogah agreed to her demand and therefore rented a wooden structure for her while she stopped the food vending trade to learn sewing.

The screw-driver used in the attack

The screw-driver used in the attack

On Friday, October 12, 2012, Ahiatrogah asked Mary to visit as usual in the night but she gave an excuse that she was too tired, asking him to come over.

Ahiatrogah insisted that she come because he was equally tired.

The night passed with no show since both stood their grounds.

However, at about 4:30am on Saturday, October 13, 2012, Ahiatrogah stormed the residence of his wife.

Mary opened the door but sought to prevent her husband from entering the room but her husband’s suspicions would not let him go and soon Ahiatrogah became confrontational.

Ahiatrogah forced his way into the room and soon realised there was a man lying in a mosquito night, wearing only boxer shorts, indicating he might have unleashed his libido on his wife.

Ahiatrogah became aggressive and in his quest to discipline Denyo, he reached for a huge screw-driver and pierced the latter from the back of his neck.

The deceased, in his struggle to survive the hurt, managed to rush out but soon fell down and died. Mary however told the police that the deceased was only a friend who assisted her with GH¢30 to pay her rent for her new kiosk.

On the fateful day, the deceased called late that he could not go home because he was very tired. She therefore allowed him to pass the night. A source close to the deceased countered Mary’s story, accusing her of deceiving his friend. He disclosed that the deceased had given Mary GH¢500 to top up the said rent and the two were planning to marry.

He said Mary had insisted her husband was irresponsible and had long divorced her. Meanwhile, the remains of Denyo have been deposited at the Police Hospital’s morgue awaiting autopsy.

Source: Rocklyn Antonio/Peacefm

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