LIVE UPDATES: Ondo Governorship Election


12:05 – The INEC returning officer, Professor Biyi Daramola, gave the total number of voters – 1,638,950; Accredited voters – 645,597; Invalid votes – 30,415; Valid votes – 594,24

Registered voters: 1638,950.

Accredited voters: 645, 597.


1. ACN 143,512

2. ANPP 1461

3. APN 751

4. BNPP 2,949.

5. CAP 735.

6. CPC 1,931

7. LP 260,179.

8. NCC 823.

9. LNCP 1,103.

10. CNPP 2,1361.

11. PDP 155,961.

12. PPA 1,652. .

INEC declares Mimiko as winner of Ondo guber poll with 260,199 votes, ACN – 143,512 votes and PDP 155,961 votes

INEC: total no.of voters – 1,638,950; Accredited voters – 645,597; Invalid votes – 30,415; Valid votes – 594,24

Number of accredited Voters 645,597

FINAL RESULT ACN 143512…aps 751..bnpp 2949…cap 735…cpc 1931…LP 260199..ncp 823..nlpp 1103..PDP 155961..ppa 1652..

11:55 – LP agent insists that results in some P/U in Ilaje be cancelled due to irregularities. INEC R/O promises to address it.

11:46 – A LP agent complains that at a p/u in Ward 2,Ilaje, material were mutilated”such that mutilation cannot be used to describe it”

The entire Ward 7 in Illaje cancelled because election did not hold – INEC adhoc staff did not report to duty.

Ilaje Registered Voters: 114,312; Accredited Voters: 38,506; ACN: 5,793; LP: 8,538PDP: 19,281; Total Valid Votes: 34,495

11:41 – There were cancellations in 13 polling units in Ese Odo due to “violence and intimidation.”

11:40 – Ese-Odo Registered Voters: 68,039. Accredited Voters: 22,817 ACN: 2,987 LP: 9,139PDP: 7,295 Total Valid Votes: 20,05

10:40 – INEC REC blames non-arrival of two remaining councils on military checkpoints. They will reconvene by 11:30

10:39 – INEC Returning Officer says the election results in Ilaje and Ese-Odo have yet to arrive at the headquarters.

Odigbo Registered Voters: 127,985Accredited Voters: 47,235;ACN: 14,740;LP: 13,748;PDP: 12,272;Total Valid Votes: 43,096

10:12 – The INEC Returning Officer, Akin Orebiyi, and other senior officials arrived for the final stage of result announcement

4:37 – Results of pending 3 LGs adjourned till 10 am.

4:35 – Results in Ilaje, Ese-Odo, & Odigbo LGs being awaited. INEC Returning Officer says they are “still locked up in the creeks.”

4:30 – Returning Officer in Ifedore says the initial error was a result of “typographical error.”

Ifedore Registered Voters: 67,328;Accredited Voters: 23,923;ACN: 5,522;LP: 11,062;PDP: 3,978Total Valid Votes: 22,223

Akoko North West Registered Voters: 72,886;Accredited Voters: 31,629ACN: 9,138;LP: 11,675;PDP: 7,847Total Valid Votes: 29,706

Ondo West Registered Voters: 161,086. Accredited Voters: 53,389; ACN: 7,225;LP: 31,280;PDP: 6,669Total Valid Votes: 49,382.

4:15 – 2 units cancelled in Igbotako. 1st unit,votes exceeded accredited voters. Other unit, hoodlums snatched ballot. No arrests

Okiti pupa Registered Voters: 111,661 Accredited Voters: 46,945; ACN: 8,495;LP: 11,968;PDP: 21,024 Total Valid Votes: 43,295.

Irele: Registered Voters: 56,218Accredited Voters: 27,949ACN: 5,066;LP: 9,435;PDP: 9,341Total Valid Votes: 25,343

Owo Registered Voters: 124,025Accredited Voters: 45,302ACN: 17,967;LP: 14,870;PDP: 6,058Total Valid Votes: 41,265.

P/U 005 of Ile Olujo/ Okeigbo cancelled. The number of votes cast were more than the number of accredited voters.

Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo Registered Voters: 65,442Accredited Voters: 31,209;ACN: 9,061;LP: 11,945;PDP: 6,521Total Valid Votes: 29,111

Akure North Registered Voters: 54,477Accredited Voters: 25,054; ACN: 5,671, LP: 10,857, PDP: 4,916,Total Valid Votes: 23,195.

Akoko North East Registered Voters: 68,388Accredited Voters: 31,888; ACN: 8,693; LP: 12,153;PDP: 6,847;Total Valid Votes: 29,546

Ondo East Registered Voters: 38,646;Accredited Voters: 17,678;ACN: 2,750;LP: 8,404;PDP: 3,933Total Valid Votes: 16,272

Ondo East Registered Voters: 38,646;Accredited Voters: 17,678;ACN: 2,759;LP: 8,404;PDP: 3,933Total Valid Votes: 16,272

Ose Registered Voters: 68,672Accredited Voters: 26,886ACN: 6,376LP: 11,071PDP: 5,833Total Valid Votes: 24,620.

Akure South; Regd Voters: 252,731Accredited Voters: 86,343ACN: 11,955;LP: 49,915;PDP: 12,467Total Valid Votes:79,959

P/U 13, Ward 08 of Akure South, cancelled. Posts recorded exceeded accredited voters.

Idanre Registered Voters: 65,021Accredited Voters: 33,031ACN: 5,111;LP: 15,990;PDP: 5,923Total Valid Votes: 29,789

2 PU cancelled. The first,a violent disruption at 12noon Second, at P/U 006, at 12.30p.m., a case of ballot box snatching.

10:49 – Labour Party wins Irele, PDP wins Ilaje and Okitipupa and ACN wins in Akoko south west

10:47 – Report says Labour party has won already in Akure south, Akure North, Ondo west, Idanre, Ifedore, Ondo east and Akoko south east

10:32 – Mimiko leads in Akure South, Akure North, Ifedore, Idanre, Ondo East, Ondo West

10:30 – Results So Far (Unofficial) – LP 32,249 PDP 19, 881, ACN 18,323

Unofficial report released thus far reads:

Akoko South West, Supare 2, unit – igbegun unit 10
Akungba1 Akoko SW Ward 12,Ibaka V AUD skl PU9:
ACN——— 107,
PDP ———–38,
LP————- 17.
Idanre L.G. Alade ward 2 Unit 10 market road
LP.——— 203
PDP ———19
ACN ———40,
ST Paul’s pry sch Ondo,
ACN——— 8
Igbaraoke, ward 1 unit 2..

Akoko North West Ward 10.
PDP ————–108.
LP—————–1808. — at Ondo State.

8:45 – Results being collated at the LG level and will soon move to State HQ.

8:25 – Heavy military and police presence in and around the INEC office in Akure as collation continues

6:58 – Polling Unit Code 003, Area Code 08, LG Code, Idanre LG: ACN:46, PDP: 108, LP: 193

6:56 – Akure residents still observing ‘sit @ home order’, despite end of voting

6:50 – A female passenger among stranded passengers @ Ore toll gate dies reports

6:00 – Governor Mimiko’s Ward 7: Polling units 20 & 21: LP – 348. ACN – 16. PDP – 11.

5:16 – P/U 005, Ijoka, Ondo West: LP – 174. ACN – 17. PDP – 9

5:10 – P/U 006, Ijoka, Ondo West: LP – 138. PDP – 23. ACN – 20.

5:06 – Akoko North West, ward 6, Ogbagi Ajuta High School – LP 179, PDP 62, ACN 62

5:01 – Irele LG; ward 3- Legunmare/ruwahe at labe qtrs – LP 127, PDP 63, ACN 47

4:59 – At Mimiko’s P/U, some journalists engage in shouting match over the sharing of the governor’s N1m “appreciation money” for election observers

4:55 – Oka ward 5 Unit 16 LP 63 ACN 80 PDP 87

4:54 – Fight broke out at Igbotako. LP supporters wanted a stop in the counting of votes as ACN were in the lead. Soldiers have restored order.

Chief Press Secretary to INEC Chairman, Kayode Idowu, said in a post, “Once all official collating/ verification is done, the results will be announced via a variety of channels, including Twitter!”

NOTE: These are not official results from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

4:39 – 28/09/03/001 – ACN-31; LP-103; PDP-13. 09/03/009 – ACN-51; LP-104; PDP-33. 09/03/004 – ACN-30; LP-102; PDP-19.

4:33 – ​Ode-Olofin Unit 4, Edo Ward (Ikare) ACN -84 Labour-113 PDP-43

4:30 – ACN candidate Rotimi Akeredolu’s ward in Owo: ACN-287; LP-420; PDP-294

4:26: Collation center in Owo where Barrister Akeredolu voted – ACN: 287, LP: 420, PDP: 292

4:24 – Owode/Imuagun Ward 11 PDP 29,ACN 52,LP 180

Gunmen seize voting materials from Odopetu Ward 7 in Akure

4:05 – PU 10 Ward 5, Oka, Akoko S’West LGA Invalidated -17 ACN -109 Labour -82 PDP -43 APS -1, PDC -3, NSDP -1, BMPP -1


3:55 – Ondo West Ilunla/Bagbe ward. Unit : Open space at Gbelewu: ACN 27, LP 87, PDP 20

3:53 – Ifedore Local Govt Ward: igbraoke 2 Unit: st Josephs pry school unit 4 Result: LP – 102, ACN – 30, PDP – 19

3;50 – Violence reported in Idanre, thugs snatch ballot boxes in Ondo poll

– Ondo West Ilunla/Bagbe ward. Unit : Open space at Gbelewu: ACN 27, LP 87, PDP 20

3:35 – Voting ends at Oka Ward 2A, Oka Ward3A & Ikun Ward in Akoko South West, reports Charles Kumolu


Incumbent Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko addresses the press after casting his vote

Incumbent Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko addresses the press after casting his vote

3:19 – Ondo REC says voting is open-ended – no end to voting until the last accredited voter votes,

3:10 – Results: Ondo west, ward-ilu nlabagbe, unit-open space at gbelewu LP – 87, ACN-27, PDP – 20

3:01 – Counting of votes begins in Ilutuntun Ward 2, Orunto polling unit Okitipupa

3:00 – Intimidating turnout at polling unit 11, Akure South, despite the scorching sun reports Charles Kumolu

2:54 – In Ese Odo,no material in Iparamo wards1 & 2, while Arogbo wards 1 & 2 accreditation in progress due to same reason

Party agent nabbed at ward 7 Akure garage, close to Mimiko’s PU, distributing N10,000 to each security officials.

2:43 – INEC apologise for late arrival of ballot papers in Akure South Ward 11, says it has remedied the situation

2:40 – Unit 14 of Okitipupa LG, out of about 500 voters only 187 were accredited

– An aged woman seeking assistance for identification of her choice party sparked off trouble among party agents

2:26 – Soldiers & Police in heated argument over arrested PDP man. Army commander intervened and whisked man away

2:22 – PDP man nabbed at Garage, Ondo Town with money to bribe electoral officers

2:20 – “Don’t highlight the weaknesses, you should look at the strengths of this election…” Mr. Olurode tells journalist.

2:15 – Former Rep, Niyi Akinyugba alerts security agents about alleged violence in Omifun and interior communities

1:45 – Post Accreditation: Ballot papers unavailable @ Isinka/Ajebamidele street, Akure as at 2pm

1:30 – Voting about to begin @ Mimiko’s polling unit, Unit 20, Ward 7, Ondo West LG

1:25 – ACN candidate, Akeredolu about to vote @ his polling unit

1:10 – Voting in progress across various polling units in Akure amid massive turnout

Ondo Governorship Election 1:00 – Voting has begun at Ore. About four security officers present at each polling unit.

12:55 – No ballot papers at Ward 2, Gbongi, Akure Road.

12:52 – Accreditation still going on at the governor’s polling unit in Ondo West.

12:43 – Joint military and police patrol unit in Ondo has closed the Benin-Ore expressway to prevent entry into the state during the gov. elections.

12:40 – Suspected political thugs seize voting materials from Odopetu Ward 7 in Akure, the Ondo State capital

12:25 – Voting has started in Unit 1, Okitipupa

ACN and LP agents soliciting votes for cash happened at Polling Unit 12, Ward 2, Igbotako, Okitipupa LGA.

12:22 – Accreditation in most polling centres in Ondo and Akure have either winded up or in the closing stage

12:21 – INEC van carrying electoral materials has just passed by asking for directions to its destination

12:15 – Lines already formed at Aketi.

Due to election in Ondo state today 20/10/2012, FRSC advises motorists from Lagos axis to follow LAGOS- IBADAN-ILESA-EKITI-KABBA-OKENE

12:07 – Voting is underway at some PUs across the state

11:59 – NSCDC Commandant,Shuiab Yisa helped conveyed stranded INEC officials with materials to their centres in Akure South Council

11:56 – Mimiko also said he is optimistic about his chances of victory and expects to be declared winner based on what’s on ground.

11:55 – ACN candidate, Rotimi Akeredolu urges security agents to arrest anybody involved in election rigging and other malpractices.

Report says there is no polling unit in Oke Ogba quaters, behind Ilesha garage, Akure South LGA

11:49 – Tension in Akure as ACN supporters accuse LP of trying to intimidate their members uing policemen

11:46 – Some suspicious persons going to PUs without their voter’s cards have been reportedly arrested by security men.

11:40 – INEC Commissioner Olurode has directed that more electoral staff be sent to polling booths with very large turnout of voters.

11:35 – Shortage of election materials reported in various parts of the state.

11:30 – Unconfirmed report says an ACN agent- Jagunla has been picked at Cherubu in Ward 3 of ileOluji of ileojuji/okeigbo LG nw 4 sharing new N100 notes.

ACN raises alarm over insecurity, irregularities: In a statement issued Saturday in Akure, Ondo State, by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party therefore called on INEC officials and security agencies to move fast to rectify the situation.

The party said inadequate security has been reported in many localities in the State, with the worst-hit areas being Idanre and Okitipupa.

“In Idanre, for example, thugs on motorcycles are harassing voters and agents of the opposition. There are also reports of stuffed ballot boxes being moved to polling booths with the protection of Labour Party thugs.

“In Owo, a state government Commissioner has been arrested by soldiers after he was found with weapons. The widespread insecurity has led to apprehension by voters, and there is the need for security agencies to urgently deploy additional security to the affected areas.”

The party lamented the delay in election materials to get to some polling units hours after there were distributed to many polling units across the state.

“Specifically, materials have not been brought to Ese Odo LG Ward 1 Unit 11, as well as Akure South Ward 8 Wofere Unit. Also at both Units, INEC officials have not been sighted. At the Ese Odo LG, Apoi 4, Unit 1, duplicate EC8A was presented

11:02 – Former Ondo state comm of comerce,akingbisile, says there are unconfirmed reports of violence in egbeda, ugbepo

PU 008, Ward 02, Akure North. 529 registered voters. Accreditation done quickly.

PU 008, Ward 02, Akure North. 529 registered voters. Accreditation done quickly.

10:53 – INEC officials just arrived and insist accreditation exercise will end by noon!

10:50 – Delay in Arrival of materials: Electoral officers @ Arogbo Area of Ese Odo, say they are still sorting materials

10: 43 – Electoral materials yet to get to many communities in Arogbo Area of Ese Odo

10:36 – Ondo Info commissioner of information says security in his constituency in Idanre is under control

10:30 – some thugs without voters card were reportedly arrested at Onisere Ward 11 but party officials are seeking their release

8 Nat.Commissioners,10 Resident Elec. Commissioners & 8,906 permanent and ad hoc staff are conducting Ondo election

10:10 – Police say Ondo Commissioner for Special Duties Niran Sule-Akinsuyi was not arrested.

ACN candidate, Akeredolu (Aketi) getting accredited.

ACN candidate, Akeredolu (Aketi) getting accredited.

10:08 – INEC REC Orebiyi says the commission has achieved 93% deployment of election materials.

10:01 – Accreditation of voters going on now at FUTA, Southgate area.

10:00 – Strict enforcement of the ‘no movement’ order by security agents at Oyemekun road

Ondo State Government says the deputy governor has not resigned.

The Ondo State Government has denied the reports of the arrest of its Special Duties Commissioner and 15 persons other persons.

Large turnout of voters at Ademulegun Irowo polling station in Idanre.

Hon Mayokun alleges that Labour Party of bringing in thugs into Idanre.

9:45 – Accreditation yet to commence in Oke Aro, Akure around Bolajoko Area.

Accreditation is now underway in Akure, the Ondo state capital.

9:39 – Accreditation going on in some parts of the state.

9:31am – no accreditation yet in Akure metropolis…

Large turnout of voters at Ilutuntun, Okitipupa Constituency 1

INEC SMS numbers: 07032492303, 08101774434.

INEC hotlines: For complaints on the election, call 07098115592, 07098117563, 07098114865, 07098115257, 07098110916, 07098116381, 07098115592.

9:15 – Accreditation yet to commence in Akure metropolis.

INEC Chairman Attahiru Jega has promised that the results would be announced within 12 hours after voting is concluded.

PDP candidate, Olusola Oke, detained by security personnel in Igbotako at about 7am. He was released after 45 minutes.

8:57: voters are complaining of a total absence of security agents in Igoba and Onisere in AKure North LGA.

Unconfirmed report says ACN people are allegedly distributing N10,000, 6yards of Ankara & packaged kerosene to residents.

8:45: INEC office in Akure packed with men of d Army, Civil Defense, Mobile Police, plain clothed security agents.

-Accreditation yet to commence in Akure metropolis.

7:50am: Accredidation commenced in Akoko SW, Akoko NE with large turnout of voters.

-29mins to accreditation… All materials on ground in most PU in akure city…

-Akure residents in election mood, streets are empty;people are indoors awaiting accreditation.

-INEC officials reportedly stranded at Ojumo, near the boundary with Ekiti state.

-Three additional police commissioners have been posted to Ondo State specially for today’s governorship election.

-Residents express fear over high presence of security agents in Ondo Towns

Thirteen candidates are to contest for the well publicized Ondo state governorship election scheduled for Saturday, 20th October 2012.

List of candidates for Ondo State governorship election

Those who are contesting the governorship election are: Oluwarotimi O. Akeredolu Esq, Action Congress of Nigeria; Adeuti Stephen Taiye, Allied Congress Party of Nigeria; Hon. Adeyemi Bolarinwa, All Nigerian Peoples Party; Comr. Oladimeji T. Adegoroye, African Political System; Olaseguri Gbenga Festus, Better Nigeria Peoples Party; Builder Omoyele A. Olurunda, Change Advocacy Party; Prince O. Ehinlanwo, Congress for Progressive Change; Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, Labour Party; Lawrence B. Oladipo, National Conscience Party; Abukanlu James Olusola, National Solidarity Democratic Party; Mr. Adetusin O. Victor, Peoples Democratic Change; Chief Olusola Oke, Peoples Democratic Party; and Omoregha O. Kris, Progressive Peoples Alliance.

One million, six hundred and thirty four thousand, eight hundred and eighty four (1,634,884) eligible voters have been registered by the Commission to take part in the election.


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