Chaos In Supermarket As Man Is Attacked By Goblins

Zimbabwe – A Gweru man was rushed to hospital when he was allegedly attacked by goblins while in a queue to buy groceries at a city supermarket.

Business at the supermarket chain was brought to a standstill when the man, only identified as Shadreck, suddenly threw his groceries away and started complaining that something was sucking his blood and that he was being attacked by some invisible forces.
The man later pointed at another shopper, Mr Bernard Zariro, who was also doing his shopping in the same supermarket, accusing him of sucking his blood.
The incident, which is now the talk of Gweru, occurred on Saturday.
In an interview yesterday, the accused man, Mr Zariro, said he was shocked when the man who was under attack by suspected goblins pointed at him as his tormentor among scores of other shoppers who were in the big supermarket chain.
He said he later followed the man to the police at Gweru Central Police Station following the incident.
“It was really a shock to me. Up until now, my heart jumps whenever I think about the incident. I even followed the man to Gweru Provincial Hospital where he had been taken to by the police but was restrained by some of his relatives who then indicated that the problem was not unique to the family. They even asked to take him out of the hospital arguing that the problem could only be solved by taking him to a faith healer,” he said.
Mr Zariro said he was speaking on his mobile phone while conducting his shopping in the supermarket when the man suddenly collapsed behind him.
“I was on my cell phone when I saw the man collapsing and all of a sudden pointing at me saying I was sucking his blood. At first I could not understand what was going on and I had to terminate my call after seeing almost everyone in the shop looking at me,” said Mr Zariro from Mkoba Village 17.
He said the man who appeared to be writhing in pain on the ground kept on insisting that his blood was being sucked and that Mr Zariro was the “vampire”.
He said the supermarket officials later called in the police who then took the man to Gweru Central Police Station before referring him to the hospital.
“I had to follow him to the police station because I was very worried but the police told me that they had referred the man to the hospital after realising that he was beginning to lose his senses. This was when I proceeded to the hospital where I met his relatives who were in the process of taking him out of the hospital,” he said.
Officials at the supermarket confirmed the incident yesterday.
“We had an incident on Saturday when one of our customers suddenly fell sick. We had to call the police because of the funny behaviour he was exhibiting,” said an official at the supermarket who declined to be identified.
Efforts to trace the whereabouts of Shadreck were fruitless yesterday. chronicle

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