Obasanjo, Fashola at loggerhead over seized vehicle

Obasanjo Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola are at loggerheads following the seizure of one of Obasanjo Farms’ utility vehicles by men of the Lagos State Transport Management Authority (LASTMA).

Sources close to Obasanjo Farms in Ota, Ogun state explained that one of the utility vehicles allegedly committed a traffic offence in Lagos last week and it was impounded by LASTMA.

It was gathered that all efforts by the ex-president to ensure the release of the seized vehicle proved abortive.

Sources also added that between last Friday and Sunday, October 21, over 10 red-coloured LAG Bus belonging to Lagos State Government have been forcefully diverted into the Obasanjo Farms compound in Ota.

This action has led to scarcity of the popular bus on Lagos-Abeokuta expressway while thousands of residents of Sango, Ota, Ifo and other settlements along the axis have become stranded for the second day running and this has also doubled the cost of transportation in the area.

Daily Trust

  1. Okey Dimoji Reply

    Fashola’s Lagos state government is making history as the most-draconian civil governor in Nigeria’s history. His high-handedness has no doubt surpassed Abacha’s feared rulers hip and he carries on as if he’ll be on that seat all his life. Someday, when he’s left power these tyrannical laws will catch up with him. His is not a rule of law” but a rule of might. He allowed bikers (okada men) t o ride him to power. Now, he’s used and dumped them same thing thing he did with the Lekki Toll collection: he used the people and afte the election bared his fangs and activated the toll centre. He just can’t be trusted with governance. It’s got into his head and he’s more or less asking for our head. Wish he can give us our votes back for this is not what we voted for.

  2. Okey Dimoji Reply

    With what Fashola is doing with ordinary LASTMA that carries no arma, you can imagine what he’ll do with state- armed police: we’ll all be meat for his lunch. His is a ver bad example of what democracy stands for. This is Fasocrazy not democracy!

  3. Coach idris Reply

    This is ridiculus,there is a proverb dat say no sin where there is no law,bt @ lagos there is law & if any body violate d law there is punishement,Is OBJ above the law,let court settle d matter,OBJ is a disgrace to democracy,he who represent our country outside for external politics,what will he say,if they ask him on dis issue,he is a bastard,he ruins dis country,he is arcthect of dis present hardship in dis country,the margin btw d rich & poor is getting wider every secs,mint,hr,days,so help me God

  4. bj Reply

    You need a doctor,go back to library to learn Nigeria history,all what you need is to learn,infancy mentality.OBASONJO still remain great leader check it out.

  5. Micah Reply

    The game is getting interesting. I’m waiting for Fashola to take the fight to Ota farm since he’s now the macho man that can defeat everybody without anybody having a say. I see Fashola as a dictator and totalitarian ruler. One that doesn’t care for his people but wants to satisfy himself and his leader Tinubu. One that has inflicted so much pains on Lagosians. A mischief maker. It’s only a matter of time. 2015 is by the corner. He that must go to equity must go with a clean hand.
    As for Obj, I don’t support him either. He’s vindictive.
    May God help us.

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