Millions gather on Mount Arafat for Hajj rituals (VIDEO)

Mount Arafat Millions of pilgrims gather at Mount Arafat for the annual Hajj, including groups from Syria, who call for an end to the Assad regime in their country.

Clad in simple white robes, they could be seen clambering to the top of the mountain as the sun came up. At the top of this rocky hill they stood in prayer, a moment many Muslims see as the climax of the Hajj.

The pilgrims will then spend the evening on the plains of Muzdalifah where they must pick up pebbles to be used the following day to hurl at three large walls representing Satan in Jamarat, between Mecca and Mina.

Islam’s pilgrimage is one of the faith’s so-called five pillars and is a duty for all Muslims once in their lives if they are capable of it.

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