Akon Talks About His Past, Clears The Air On Rumours Surrounding His Music Career

Akon in Kenya

Akon in Kenya

Senegalese-born-American superstar Akon has cleared the air on his past life and some rumours surrounding his music career.

Answering questions from journalists at the Ole Serani Hotel hall, in Kenya, the 5-time Grammy Award nominee said:

“I wish I was never convicted. I can’t go into other countries because of my felony record. It’s nothing to be proud of but I found a way to get around that.” He commented on the reports in April 2008 that much of his purported criminal and incarceration history were false.

“I thought I would never come here.” Akon said of his pre-years scheduled performance that never came to pass.

Speaking about his family and his alleged ‘number of wives’. In his words “I don’t like talking to the media about my family. Because they mostly interpret it wrong.”

He further added that “Not everything you read on the internet about me is true”

The singer denies that Lady Gaga’s music has not in any way overshadowed his fame among his peers in his Konvict Music Label. It was a success signing her and she is truly a living legend.

“I’m here for 4-5 days till next week Tuesday. And hopefully by then I will have found some artists for my label.”

On working with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, the singer said he had a great relationship with them.

“Great relationship-Both of them. Right before they died. (Laughs)…Now that makes me worried.” He pointed out.

Part of his mission in the country is to listen to talents and possible signing to his Konvict Music Africa label specifically meant for Africans. Pointing out that Kenyan artists are in a unique position to make International because of their prowess in the King’s language, accompanied by South Africa. A factor that has made Nigerian artists get their music played abroad.

He was accompanied by Spartan Group CEO, Sam Lentz.

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