Bomb Blast Rocks Catholic Church in Kaduna

Kaduna UPDATE 5: An official of the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) confirmed that at least 8 people were dead.

NEMA’s figure contradicted initial claims by the Kaduna State Police that only the suicide bomber died in the suicide bomb attack. Several survivors who witnessed the bombing said that they saw several dead worshipers after the attack.

A security source in Kaduna confirmed that some other people were attacked and killed immediately after the terror attack. The sources said security agents in the city were trying to manage the tense situation in order to avert escalation of the reprisal attacks.

According to Reverend Father Anthony Zaka, the deputy communications director of the media center at the Catholic Archdiocese of Kaduna, the attacker rammed his car through the wall and inside the church before the explosion. He stated that five worshipers died on the spot and that four of the seriously wounded parishioners died at the hospital within the last one hour. He expressed fear that the casualty figures would rise in the coming hours and days.

Father Zaka also disclosed that the officiating priest as well as hundreds of other worshipers sustained serious to critical injuries in the attack.

UPDATE 4: A rescue official said three people were killed and others wounded in the attack.

According to witnesses and police, the vehicle was packed with explosives, wounding several people.

Eyewitnesses said two bombers had struck different parts of the church in Kaduna.

The heavy explosion also damaged so many buildings around the area.

But Aminu Lawan, Kaduna Police Public Relations Officer, said there was only one confirmed bomber and that no casualties had yet been confirmed apart from the bomber himself.

Another witness, Daniel Kazah, a member of the Catholic cadets in the church, said he had seen three bodies on the church floor. “But still others were taken to the mortuary,” he said.

UPDATE 3: Kaduna Police Public Relations Officer , Aminu Lawan said the police and other security agencies are on top of the situation and will ensure the safety of lives and property of the citizens within the area.

UPDATE 2: “There was a loud explosion and I could see smoke on the horizon,” one resident said, adding there were claims of clashes breaking out between Christians and Muslims afterward.

UPDATE 1: A lone car bomber approached the church gate hoping to quietly drive into the church before exploding the bomb but the security men at the gate refused him entry.

The bomber then reversed his car and rammed it forcefully against the gate of the church, the gate caved in as the bomb exploded injuring several churchgoers.

Nigerian troops have cordoned off the area while the police and Kaduna state government officials are calming down christian residents in the area to avoid religious confrontations that typically follows such attack in the state.

Earlier report…

Report reaching us says a suicide bomber today (Sunday) hit St. Rita Catholic Church in Ungwar Yero, Malali area of Kaduna metropolis.

The attack occurred around 8:45am during the morning mass.

Reverend father seriously injured.

Details later…


  1. Maimuna Reply

    Lord ve mercy. Truely dere r sm senseless living devils among human. May d soul of d victims rest in peace.

    • Concerned citizen Reply


  2. Samy Reply

    Are they perpetrators of these devilsh acts human beings? Please, stop brainwashing our youths with wrong doctrines. You cannot make heaven by killing yourself and the innocent.

  3. DanMario Reply

    How long will this continue. How long shall we continue to waste peoples’ blood on this land. God is in You we live and have our being; it is You and You alone that can rescue. Please do it for the sake of Your Holy Name and that of Your wounded priest. Please Lord grant quick recovery to injured and rest in Your bosom the souls of those who died in this attack on Your Church.

  4. babangida Reply

    can someone please tell me the the religion that encourage a high profile degree of suicide bomb blasts, killings, wanton destruction of properties and attack of religious place of worships as a basis for easy passage to paradise?.why are their ‘religious leaders’ quiet about it?

  5. Yakubu Atsen Bala Reply

    The spirit of Innocent christian will rise againt those vanpires God will sure arrest them any where they hide.

  6. saheed Reply

    Suicide bombing is self annihilation and a passport to eternal damnation. The holy Qur’an says la iqra fi din!( Meaning, there is no compulsion in religion). It costs Allah nothing to make everybody muslim or christian. If on the other hand He has decided to create a multiple of faiths on the surface of the earth who are we mere mortals to probe His inteligibilities. God cannot make mistake. His order cannot be re ordered.

  7. Concerned citizen Reply

    If your religion encourages me to kill myself and others to ensure I get to “heaven” then I’d rather go to hell than go to your heaven. If your “God” is only a god of your religion and not other men (which you claim he created) then that casts a huge shadow of doubt on the divinity of your so called “God” To be inhumane is to be undivine.

  8. Emmanuel from delta Reply

    This act is barbaric and should stop. Our muslim leaders should caution their members. Muslims just celebrated Eid-el- kabir and no case of bomb blast in any mosque. But why this just 2days after sallah? How can this continue in this civilise world?

  9. Debbie Reply

    What a terrible tragedy. I attribute this kind of behavior to brainwashing and drugs. Anything this barbaric isn’t natural.

  10. Mike Reply

    How could this be considered a religion. Please stop brainwashing your children. People prepare yourself. Get some type of survival gear and protect yourself. Bad things happen to good people every day.

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