Group Sues FG Over Biafra War, Self-Determination

Biafra War A human rights group under the aegis of BILIE Human Rights Initiative has dragged the Federal Government of Nigeria to an Owerri High Court over the rights of the indigenous people of Biafra to self-determination and compensation for deaths and losses suffered by the people of the South-Eastern Nigeria in the hands of federal forces during the war.

The Court on Tuesday commenced proceedings in suit No. FHC/OW/CS/102/2012.

The suit against the FG and the Attorney-General of the Federation wants the court to give an order “for the self-actualisation and self-determination of the People of Biafra.”

The group also seek compensation for the deaths, losses suffered by the people of the South-Eastern Nigeria in the hands of the federal forces/government, which they viewed as haranguing, genocidal and economically strangulating of people of that area.

The group said they were determined to forge a new nation, Republic of Biafra, with its land, littoral and continental shelves.

They sued Nigeria as represented by President Goodluck Jonathan and the Attorney-General of the Federation to Owerri Federal High Court over the inalienable right of the descendants of the ancestors of Biafraland who are the remnants that were not consumed by the 1967-1970 genocidal war in which about three million Biafrans were killed.

They are praying the court to pronounce the territory as it was pre-1967 independent and sovereign in the light of relevant charters on human and people’s rights, the realities of the incompatibility of those who make-up the geo-space called Nigeria among others.

In a press release by the spokesperson of BILIE Human Rights Initiative, Comrade Arinzechukwu Awogu in Awka, signed by the group’s Secretary General, Elder Eddy Anyanwu, the group made good its threat to take the Nigerian government to court over Biafra’s quest for independence and other unresolved pre and post Nigeria-Biafra war issues, which included the use of starvation as “legitimate instrument of warfare,” the bombing of civilian targets, the 20 Pounds per account holder policy, the abandoned property saga, the hasty indigenization policy enacted and implemented before the recovery of war affected people of Biafra, among other vexed issues.

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