U.S government gives free fuel in New York & New Jersey after hurricane Sandy

Free gas in New YorkThe United States government have decided to help people in areas hit by hurricane Sandy by giving free gas up to 10 gallons per person. For days after the hurricane, there has been an intense scarcity of gas, which has resulted into long lines and huge traffic.

The word got out quickly as distribution began in Queens on Saturday, after Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that temporary fuel trucks were being deployed in New York City and Long Island to help provide free gas to emergency vehicles and the public.

Cars are able to fill up directly from the 5,000 gallon trucks, which are being provided by the Department of Defense in coordination with the National Guard. There is a 10 gallon limit per vehicle.

In Queens, cars were backed up about 20 blocks, with throngs also lining up with plastic gas cans.

Buses had to divert because of the traffic jam.

The temporary fuel trucks have been deployed to the Queens Amory at 93-05 160th St. in Jamaica, the Bronx Armory at 10 West 195th St., the Brooklyn Armory at 1579 Bedford Ave., and the Staten Island/Elizabeth Armory at 321 Manor Rd.

The government says the public should stay away from free fuel stations until emergency responders get their gas first.

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