Mugabe’s $20 Million Mystery

Mugabe Senior MDC official and Education Minister, David Coltart said Mugabe should reveal the identity of ‘well-wishers” funding his $20 million inputs scheme he launched yesterday.

He said that it was surprising the Zanu PF leader could raise such amounts when the government could only find $8 million for education this year.

“Zimbabweans have a right to know who the “well-wishers” are and where their money comes from. Is it clean? Parallel governance at its worst,” Coltart wrote on his Facebook wall.

“These are not small amounts of money. In context of total money allocated to education (US$8,1 million to date) this is a huge inputs fund.

“The source of the inputs fund may be legitimate but Zimbabweans will only know that if President is candid about its source. Transparency!”

Mugabe launched the scheme at his Zanu PF party’s headquarters in the capital, lending credence to claims by rivals that the programme was a campaign gimmick ahead of next year’s polls.

Zanu PF’s coalition partners accuse the party of skimming off revenues from Marange diamond mining to finance its campaign programmes. Newsdzezimbabwe

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