Open Letter To Femi Fani-Kayode – By Bayo Oluwasanmi

My dear Femi Fani-Kayode,

Femi Fani-Kayode I write this as an African and fellow Nigerian with more than a passing interest in the success of President Obama. Reading through your write-up posted on your timeline Saturday, left many discerning followers of American politics more than a bit befuddled given the total emptiness of your futile attempt to showcase your understanding or lack of it thereof, of the American political landscape.

The blow-hards like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other loose cannons on the fringe far-right would turn deep green with envy. In fact, if it had not borne your imprint and identity, one could have been misled into thinking it was the usual wack-job o the usual suspects.

Your write up “CAN BARACK OBAMA BE TRUSTED?” which appeared yesterday on your Face Book Blog, portrays you as one of the bigots and stooges of the deranged right wing fringe lunatics of the FOX News better known as FIXED/FORGED News and other GOP (Group Opposed to People) brain dead racists headed by Rush Limbaugh.

The timing of your article two days before the US Presidential elections is suspiciously dishonest.
For the benefit of our readers, I’ll summarize those “questions” in your article you and Mitt (aka Myth) Romney would have wished to ask President Obama:

• Why did he bow so low before Saudi Arabia’s king Abdullahi four years ago?
• Why did he apologize to the Arabs for American policy in Middle East over the previous 50 years?
• Why is President Obama pretends to be what he’s not?
• Why the coincidence of storms in 2008 and 2012 before elections and during the first day of GOP’s Convention?
• Why is President Obama supporting anti-Christ agenda?
• Why is he supporting woman’s right to abortion and same sex marriages?
• Why has he used drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan?
• Why has he not taken a tough stand on Iran’s nuclear ambitions?
• Why did he remove the words “God” and “Israel” from the Democratic Party Convention?
• Why is President Obama turning America into a quasi welfarist state?

The son of FANI POWER, remember your dad? Well, the Bible says we should not speak ill of the dead; concludes that “…my prayer is Governor Mitt Romney defeats him (Obama) in the Presidential election which will hold in a few days time.”
The above “questions” you and Myth Romney would have wished to ask President Obama during the last presidential debate represent a false portrait drawn from those twin sins: fear and hatred.

I refused to dignify your write up by trying to sift through the mountain of cow dung that flowed from your mouth. However, a comment or two will suffice.

Every isolated passion is insane. And every dominant passion generates a dominant fear. Your writing no doubt explicitly and consciously expresses a nightmare that bothers on fanaticism and paralyzing timidity.

Men who allow their bigotry and hatred to give them a distorted view of things are to be found in every asylum. Highly similar delusions if expressed by educated man like you in obscure and eloquent language equals an ape of genius, the devil’s minster to men.

Your primitive sentiment nurtured by parliament of fears to poison the minds of Obama supporters in the midst of presidential campaigns and less than 48 hours to the election, exposes your radiant selfishness and wickedness.

No one should be surprised by your vehement distortion of President Obama’s record. Juxtaposed with your performance as federal minister of aviation in OBJ’s administration, we’re reminded of your primitive past with insatiable appetite for corruption and malfeasance that form the epitaph of your ultimate folly.

How dare you claim pontifical certainty in your write up? All your blunder and blatter exposed the evil passions in your mind – suspicion, fear, hatred, and intolerance – which stand in the way of a more benevolent world.

You wished you were an inspired thinker, but you lack the right measure of courage and candor to spice your wisdom.
As one of the few House Niggers being used by the right wing bigots, you sound very much hunted by your remote ancestors in the likes of Jim Crow, KKK, and other abominable apparitions that tormented African Americans for years in the days of lynching and segregation.

Needless to remind you, this election will not be dictated by the spurious “questions” you wished you could have asked President Obama.

The choice before us is: good over evil, light over darkness, love over hate, unity over division, compassion over wickedness, truth over lies, generosity over selfishness/greediness, cooperation over confrontation, general welfare over individualism, level plain field over double standard, affordable healthcare over non-insured millions and immigration amnesty over self deportation.

We don’t need a Femi Fani Kayode to indoctrinate the civilized minds of Obama supporters with defective intelligence and fifth rancor.

For your information, the minds of the electorate are made up. And Obama will cruise comfortably to the White House for historic second term!
People who are vigorously brutal in whipping up enmity among the brethren like you find redundant gossips as depicted in your writing enjoyable and polarizing.
But, the fires of divine truth will extinguish your hideous wishes and moral stupor!


    Mr. Bayo Olu, haba take things easy with your fellow country man now. He was just expressing his personal opinion; express yours and allow the decision of electorates to show the both of you their minds. Please, we should all learn to be tolerant. Life is nothing; it’s spice is misunderstanding to discussion and then understanding. I do not think either you or him if Obama know you in person. Why brothers are exchanging hot words for another brother that do not know about your existence.

  2. Nnaji Aj Reply

    A beautiful and concise rejoinder. But lets also praise him for his observation for i believe in every lie (if its a lie), there is an element of truth. Though writing this kind of article at this time showes that there is some political play behind it. Lets just take it easy anyway.

  3. Disu Olowo Reply

    A good write up indeed, but lack merits of tolerance. Bayo Oluwasanmi is attacking his fellow country man, just to praise another man, who throughout his life time apart from US president will know may be the duo(Bayo& femi fain kayode)are in existence. Why do Nigerian always running after white, this shows level of our maturity, if you guys believ Obama hail from black region, do Obama has good motive for Nigeria.
    Because of our reactions to issue and poverty level, we take white man as God, this pple role out visa lottery every year, to enslave you. And all thie odd jobs Nigerians are doing over there, if given to them here in Naija, they won’t take it. By December time, when they eventually or manage to come home to naija, ask them what is their natriuretic of job over there, they won’t tell you.
    We are going to make Nigeria great. Forget Obama, and stop praising us. Naija is place to be.
    Bayo Oluwasanmi, I think you need to take redress and not to write to disintegrate the peace in the S’West and Naija as a whole

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